Monday, August 03, 2009

Album Review: Teflon Don-God the Government the Game (Live From Memphis)

Memphis-based rapper Teflon Don recently dropped a new CD entitled God the Government the Game.

On the title track and in the liner notes he explains the three things that define his life: faith in God, his time spent in the military ("the government"), and his belief that "game" is useful skills that one has in addition to their regular job. These three themes are evident throughout the entire album. The first track “Intro-It’s Go’n Be Alright” is very uplifting and segues nicely into the title track. “Struggler” talks about how economic hardship lead some people to turn to illegal activities for profit. “Count My Money” is another cautionary track where he tells people to spend their money wisely, a far cry from the excessive “baller” mentality that many rappers live by. “Let’s Talk About” is another nice bit of social commentary where Don calls out drug dealers, crooked politicians, and the media’s scrutiny of African-American celebrities such as Kobe Bryant. That track segues nicely into another inspirational track, “Going Through Some Thangs”, and the heartfelt “Unborn Son” which is an honest discussion with his future offspring. There are some songs for the ladies (“The Way She Move”, “You Don’t Have to Go Home”), a few “crunk” tracks, (“I Represent” and “We Get Money”), and some profanity, but the album is very well-rounded and touches on a variety of topics.

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