Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: Hardface's The Stimulus Package Soundtrack

Local spoken-word artist Elliott “The Immortal Hardface” Nelson has been a staple of several poetry spots in Memphis for the past few years. On his latest release, The Stimulus Package Soundtrack, Hardface pulls no punches. The opener, “The Ni**ers Will Buy It”, is about the marketing tactics used to get African-Americans to buy useless products. On the second track, “Doll Footz”, he speaks of his foot fetish in a very humorous way. The rest of the tracks take some African-Americans to task for their behavior and the “ghetto mentality”. “Real Talk” parodies the “hard thug” who foolishly fears no one, not even the authorities. This message is also carried out in the track “Ni**atime”. Hardface then switches things up and gives us a track full of snippets of other poems that didn’t make the album in their entirety on “Bonus Footage”.

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