Friday, October 23, 2009

Mixtape Review: Jimmy RS-Self Discovery (Live From Memphis)

Jimmy RS aka Sir Jimmy Is Dope, is a young Memphis-born rapper that definitely stands out from many of his peers. A self-professed “astronaut” and admitted “hipster", Jimmy’s rap style is very lyrical and witty. On the first track, Jimmy introduces himself and describes his style. From there, we hear the first of several “battle raps” where Jimmy details his lyrical prowess and criticizes lesser emcees. Jimmy rhymes over a mix of original beats and instantly familiar tracks, such as Souls of Mischief’s “From ’93 Til Infinity”. Jimmy’s clever wordplay and storytelling skills breathe new life into this hip-hop classic. In particular, Jimmy is in rare form rhyming over the beat to “Ignorant Sh*t” from Jay-Z’s American Gangster album, where he says, “Danny Glover brothers may got a Lethal Weapon/But my shoes keep me on the move like Tekken” and “I got Will like Uncle Phil’s nephew/ And I’m dating the same chick that left you."

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