Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mail Call: The Little Screening That Could

We had a cast/crew/chosen few screening of Mail Call last night. Several of the actors were there: myself, Carole Rowland (Oz's Lion, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast), Tayloe Nicky (Third Wheel Date), Lauren Shepard (Delusions, Slow Down), Sarah Ewell (Delusions, Shutter), Juan Corrigan (The Garden, Delusions), Lee Mauney (Delusions, The Garden) and the writer/producer/codirector John Fuess (director Vineet Thapar was unable to attend). Production assistant/superphotographer Tommy Kha (Ants in an Ant Farm, Just the Two of Us) was there, as was director Morgan Fox (Blue Citrus Hearts). Writer/actor Jon Sparks ( was also in attendance, as was location scout David Merrill (Walk The Line, Black Snake Moan), Tim Scalia (director:Ants in an Ant Farm, Last Call Lovin') and his producer, Chris.

The movie was pretty good. A great first effort by John Fuess. I think everyone in the cast had their moments. I was a little disappointed that my ad-libs did not get bigger laughs, but, hey, that's show business. Later, we hung out at Cafe Ole. Even later, several of us reconvened over photographer Janeen Gardner's house ( How her husband and child slept through our rumblings, I'll never know. Some drank, some smoked, I just chilled out. Had some interesting movie conversations, had some interesting race conversations. My t-shirt of slain rapper Notorious BIG sparked a few conversations. I do what I can. Overall, it was a very interesting evening and only the first premiere in March, or as I like to call it, the month of Markus. I know what you're thinking, "What's the next great event in this, the month of Markus?" I shall tell you, dear readers. But first, we must build suspense.....

Wait for it.....

here it comes......

Plug Time!!!!

Please come out to the Muvico Theatres on Thursday, March 16 for the premiere screening of "Just the Two of Us". This movie was shot here in Memphis and was directed by Memphis native Keenon Nikita, who was in Craig Brewer's film "The Poor and the Hungry". The Director of Photography was Rod Pitts, another local up and coming filmmaker ( I handled sound and lighting and I play Michael, a mentally challenged character. The film centers on the relationship between Keenon's character, Nic Peeples and his daughter, Ashley. It is a heartwarming, touching, funny film made here in Memphis with several Memphis actors. Please support this film. Again, the date is Thursday, March 16 at the Muvico Theatres downtown at Peabody Place. The movie starts at 7:30. There will be an afterparty at Isaac Hayes' immediately following the screening. The cast and crew of Dog Day Entertainment would love to see you there.

Countdown to Just the Two of Us Premiere:
1 Day and Counting!!!

Oh, yeah, before I forget...Be easy, readers.


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