Monday, March 13, 2006

Sleep is Overrated: The Exhausting Weekend Wrap-Up

Went home at first, but then I went out to TG's to celebrate my friend Eric getting a new gig. Candace, Jamie, and others joined in the fun. My actor friends Joseph B. Smith (Arrogant Dead People, Cowboy's Silver Lining) and Lina Fritsche (Divine Manipulation, upcoming: Curbside Confessions) also came out. I performed "No Diggity" by Blackstreet, "My Life" by Billy Joel, and I assisted Jamie on "Shoop" by Salt'N Pepa. I performed the male rap. I had to bow out early because Saturday was crazy.

Got a haircut around 7 AM. Went back home, chilled out until 10:30 AM. Went to practice for "Waltzing in Memphis" play at 11AM. Got a call that my new time to be an extra on the F/X pilot Southern Comfort was at 2 PM. Ran out of rehearsal, grabbed three different outfit choices, drove out to API Photographers and I was an extra. Ran into Jason Dancy (Imagine, The Survivor) and Learyn (Just the Two of Us, Across the River). We chatted, hung out. Glinda Pannell (Just the Two of Us) was helping out with the production. I also ran into the guy who was Samuel Jackson's stand-in on Black Snake Moan and a guy who was in this play I saw last year, Aida. I was there from 2PM-6PM. I made $60.00. I worked maybe forty-five minutes. I left there, went to City Gear on American Way and bought a Billy Dee Williams T-shirt (Billy Dee's the coolest). Then, I went to Perkins and got my all-you-can-eat catfish on. Got a call from Ennis Newman, he needed a ride to the Iron Mic Coalition show(, He's a founder, I rolled through, we chilled for a minute, then we rolled to the show. The show was awesome! After the show, we chilled with some more of our friends at Perkins on Poplar. Local singer Lynn Cardona came through and ate with us. ( She was cool. We had a good time. I didn't get home until 4 AM (!), but I enjoyed myself

Got up at 8AM on my own, watched a few TV shows on the old DVR, got up and made it to play rehearsals. They want me to sing a few solo parts on some songs. I'm much more comfortable singing with music and words in front of me (karaoke), but this play is supposed to raise money for journalism scholarships. Gotta help the kids! I rushed home, then I went to Comics and Collectibles, then to this place called Beauty Store in Poplar Plaza. Like most beauty stores that cater to African-Americans, it was run by Asians. That trips me out, but, hey, it's an honest living. I bought me a new brush and ran into my assistant at my day job, Stacie Reynolds. She totally dug my Back to the Future t-shirt (and who doesn't?). Then, I called the drector of Just the Two of Us, Keenon Nikita. I picked up a copy of the official poster and I got this Cd that I let his singing daughter Asley borrow. The poster Okay, it's great, but I wanted to see my name. I understand, because I'm barely in it, but I at least thought I'd get a nod for sound and lighting. Oh, well. It's still a cool poster and a cool movie. At least my buddy Jon Sparks ( was listed on the poster. Rod and Keenon sent me out to get food and other items while they handle some "film stuff" We chatted for a minute, then I left, picked up my friend Paul Briggs and watched a wrestling pay-per-view. My girl Denna Greer (What Goes Around) was in attendance. I am very tired today, but, hey, I can't say it wasn't enjoyable. Be easy, readers.

Plug Time!!!

Please come out to the Muvico Theatres on Thursday, March 16 for the premiere screening of "Just the Two of Us". This movie was shot here in Memphis and was directed by Memphis native Keenon Nikita, who was in Craig Brewer's film "The Poor and the Hungry". The Director of Photography was Rod Pitts, another local up and coming filmmaker ( I handled sound and lighting and I play Michael, a mentally challenged character. The film centers on the relationship between Keenon's character, Nic Peeples and his daughter, Ashley. It is a heartwarming, touching, funny film made here in Memphis with several Memphis actors. Please support this film. Again, the date is Thursday, March 16 at the Muvico Theatres downtown at Peabody Place. The movie starts at 7:30. There will be an afterparty at Isaac Hayes' immediately following the screening. The cast and crew of Dog Day Entertainment would love to see you there.

Countdown to Just the Two of Us Premiere:
Three Days and Counting!!


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Best wishes to you on March 16!!

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Usless info...I used to have a crush on Billy Dee Williams in the 4th grade.


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