Monday, March 20, 2006

Retrace My Steps: Thursday Plus the Weekend Wrap-Up

I took off work, I got kinda fly, I got a haircut to knock down my wild fro (still haven't shot that scene in Spin Cycle, folks) and I invite a truckload of people. Well, technical difficulties cause the shoot to be postponed until Friday. Many people were disgruntled, and I understand. My Aunt Mary was a little perturbed as well. Keenon Nikita (director, Just the Two of Us) shows up and explains the situation and decided that the afterparty at Isaac Hayes is now a preparty. Shout out to Glenda Pannell (Jordan, Just the Two of Us), Sharon Bishop (Ms. Peeples, Just the Two of Us), Elena LaRue (Southern Comfort), Juan Corrigan (Delusions, Mail Call), John Fuess (director, Mail Call), actress Madeleine Rogers, David Merrill (Location Scout: Walk The Line, Black Snake Moan), Jovan Jackson (White Party Guest, Just the Two of Us), Ruth Williams(Camille, Just the Two of Us), and all the people who came out to the festivities.

Finally! Just the Two of Us has two showings: at 5:00 PM and at 7:30 PM. My mom Lillian McGhee makes it to the first showing, as does cast member John Still (Shutter, Hustle and Flow), and Selina and Hannah, the two girls who portrayed Keenon's daughter. At the 7:30 show, you had me, Learyn (Imagine, The Survivor), Jason Dancey (The Survivor, Imagine), Angela Williams (Grim Sweeper, extra: Black Snake Moan), her mom and sister, who were also extras in the movie, Travis Stone (Patrick, Just the Two of Us), April Hale (Amanda), Trent Dee (extra:Just the Two of Us, 21 Grams), Jon Sparks (Doctor: Just the Two of Us), Sarah Ewell (Maxine Wolfe: Just the Two of Us), Alexis Moore (Casey), Elishah Walls (Willie), Lavita Brooks (Nurse Kay), Fred "Hollywood" Moore (J. Night), Antonio Perry (Shueford), Jason Dancy (Grover), Learyn Wilde (Lisa), Clint Deveroux (Shawn Willis), Lee Mauney (Mr. Johnson), Annette Smith (Aunt Helen), and Millie Gavin (Cora Mae). We all got to say our name and tell what part we played. Way cool! Of course, director/writer/lead actor Keenon Nikita (Nic Peeples) addressed the crowd. Shout out to Director of Photography Rod Pitts, who was fresh in that suit. I thought Rod was being audited or something. People seemed to enjoy the movie. It was fun. Rod and Keenon will get some much-deserved sleep, correct the technical problems, and ship that baby off to some festivals.
Afterwards, Rod, Keenon, and his family members had a post-premiere "celebration" at the Perkins on Poplar. Hey, we are still independent! One person walked up to Keenon after the premiere ended with tears in his eyes and said, "Keenon, you made a grown man cry!" He then embraced Keenon. Moments like that make all the craziness, frustration, and stressful days worth it. I think the movie will touch people and hopefully give my people some exposure.

I rehearsed for the play Waltzing in Memphis. It was cool. I went to Perkins and that was about it. I guess I hadn't recovered from the past few days.

We attempted to rehearse for Waltzing in Memphis, but there was a group of people watching the game in the sports club that doubles as our rehearsal space. Went home, watched the University of Memphis Tigers take Buckman to school (Take that, nonbelieving sports journalists). I just have three words for all the doubters and haters: Respect our fresh! Or, if you will, repect our greatness. Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us) and I cruised Oak Court Mall. He bought a pink shirt, and it looked...kinda cool. I'm not fooling with the pink, though. I did buy a black polo-style shirt with purple and white strioes for $4.99. What a bargain! I also went to the beauty supply store owned by Asians yet again because I lost a brush (yet again). My brush did not cost enough for them to use my debit card, so I wound up buying a bootleg of Dwele's album Subject. I felt guilty, but I didn't own the album, so I had to buy something. Later on, I stuffed my face at Cici's Pizza (my doctor's gonna rip me a new one). Next, I saw Chicken Little at the Bartlett 10. It was a cool little cartoon. I could sympathize with Chicken Little's unpopularity. Boy, could I ever! It was touching, cute, humorous and well worth my $2.50. My last stop of the evening was the Bel-Air Bar and Grill for karaoke with Ricky Mac, who also does a Thursday show at Flashback's. I performed Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love" and De La Soul's "Me,Myself, and I". I never knew that my favorite rap group had any karaoke songs. I had to perform it!

Today, I received my check for my extra work on Southern Comfort. It's nice to get paid every once and a while for this show business work. Also, this just in : John Pickle and Paradox Productions' The Importance of Being Russell (featuring me in a small role) has been selected for the New York Independent Film Festival in May. How cool is that? I wish I could go, but I don't have any time saved up at work. Also, by May I should be in high gear on Arnold Edward II's brilliant film Curbside Confessions. Oh, well, hopefully we can all get some exposure. Daddy wants a new pair of shoes! Be easy, readers.

Plug Time!

March 25:

* Saturday March 25 2 p.m. - the First ever LIVE FROM MEMPHIS LIL' FILM FESTIVALLive From Memphis is pleased to present its first ever theme-based, mini-festival LIL' FILM FEST!! "What is Lil' Film Fest?" you ask. Well, there's always something weird, strange, unusual, funny, or at least interesting happening around town, so we figured, Why not turn those happenings into lil' films? This first ever Lil Film Fest theme is: Baptist Hospital Implosion. Visit LIVE FROM MEMPHIS regularly

Location:MeDiA Co-op: 1000 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104 901-278-9077 (in the basement of First Congo Prebyterian Church)

I will be in two shorts, Arrogant Dead People, directed by Jon Sparks (, and Imagine, directed by Rod Pitts (

March 27- March 30:

"Divine Manipulation of the Threads" will premiere at Malco's Studio on the Square with a limited run from March 27-30 (two matinees and two evening shows each day). It's by Rusted Sun Productions ( ), starring Bevan Bell and directed by Anthony Howald.

I play a thug in this one. It's a good film! I plan to be there on March 27 for all the people that want to see the movie with me.

March 31-April 1:

The Gridiron Association ( presents their annual political satire production. The title of this year's production is "Waltzing In Memphis". Come for a night of fun-filled political sketches and witty musical numbers. The performances will be at the Al Chymia Shrine Center, 5770 Shelby Oaks Drive, Bartlett, TN 38134

March 31 show admission: $15.00, start time: 6:30 PM

April 1 show admission: $60.00, which includes:

Cocktails – 6:00 PM
Dinner-7:00 PM
Show-8:00 PM

I portray John Ford, Robert Lipscomb, Mayor Willie Herenton, and Rickey Peete, and a zombie. It should be fun!

Countdown to Lil' Film Fest (Premiere of Arrogant Dead People and Imagine): 5 Days and Counting!!


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