Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another Read-Through

I participated in a read-through for A Cop, A Snitch and a Stripper Named Shane. It's a film about nuns. I kid, I kid. Vincent Moore (Just the Two of Us) is the director and one of the main characters. LaVita Brooks (Katrina's Wake, Just the Two of Us) plays my partner, Officer Black. I am Officer Blue, we are the crooked cops who hassle the "snitch", Norfleet. Trent Dee (21 Grams, Divine Manipualtion of the Threads) is also in the film, as is Dana Terle (Heart + Strings), Erica Hines (Curbside Confessions) and Keenon Nikita (Just the Two Of Us, The Right Questions). I have one scene. I've been trying to get small roles so they don't conflict with my main project this summer, Curbside Confessions. My character's a bit of a hardcase, which is what I've been wanting to play for some time. I may have to start writing again, because it looks like I may have a little more free time near the end of July. After going through the scene three times, I left them to picking apart the rest of the script.

After that, Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us) and I went to Spin Street where I used the $15.00 gift card Paul "P-Dub" West got me for my birthday. I bought used versions of The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection and The Road Warriors. I still love my wrestling!

Hopefully, this weekend Rod and I will shoot some scenes for Spin Cycle. Maybe one day we'll get to my scene. Hopefully, I will have lost a little more weight by then. One can only hope. Be easy, readers.


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I just love seeing what I'm up to when I read your blog!!!




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