Friday, May 26, 2006

Making Up For Lost Time

Rod Pitts ( and I had planned to rehearse with our lead actors, but due to scheduling conflicts, it didn't happen. It's frustrating, and I guess it's nobody's fault, but it gets to me sometimes. The arts are my outlet, a brief escape from my daily grind and corporate servitude. Sometimes I get tired, but then I remind myself that God gave me these talents and abilities for a reason. I shouldn't hide my talents, they are meant to be shared with the world. Also, it is my best chance at not punching a clock and wearing a suit and tie for the rest of my life. Hopefully, I'll be wearing a tuxedo at every film premiere! Some days can be frustrating, but when it all comes together on screen, it looks great. Hopefully, we will film tonight. Hopefully we will FINALLY film my scene Saturday night.

Monday night, however, I plan to see the hip-hop band The Roots ( They are an actual band with a rapper (Black Thought) as the frontman. I am told the opening acts will be Blackalicious (, a "positive" rap act from the Bay Area (San Francisco), and Miri-Ben Ari, a hip-hop violinist. They perform Monday night at the Premiere nightclub for $15.00. What a bargain! Hopefully they'll attract more of the "good music" crowd as opposed to the "shoot 'em up" crowd. Be easy, readers.


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