Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Remembrance

While I was on the set of "My Blueberry Nights", I recieved a call from my good friends Chet Reid and Germaine from St. Louis. They told me that Cameron, a guy who I had hung out with in Memphis, was ran over by a crazy girlfriend or ex-girlfriend. They said that he was brain dead for 22 days until his parent pulled the plug. Cameron was an energetic, funny guy. He was an artist and occasional rapper. I hadn't seen him in a while, but that messed me up. I am saying RIP to a good brother and I am praying for his family.

I also received news about the death of Sean Lashley on Friday. Sean worked at Spin Street, a record store here in Memphis. Sean loved music and film, kinda like me. When I first met him, we were arguing about the Roots' latest release, Phrenology. I dismissed him as just another thuggish rap fan, but about a week later, we had a long conversation about music, and I saw that he had broad interests and was versatile. We had mutual friends in the music and film world. Ironiclally, I was alerted to his demise through a Myspace post. I nearly broke down when I got to the funeral and saw his body. I spoke to his grandparents and other friends of his. I had no idea of all of his accomplishments in music and broadcasting. I also had no idea of his strong faith in God. I wish I had had more time to get to know this brother, because he impacted a lot of people.

RIP to Cameron and Sean....I'll see you when I get there. Be easy, readers.


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