Monday, August 14, 2006

From the Hotel to the Riverfront to the Woods: Yet Another Weekend Wrap-Up

I chilled out. Shout out to Perkins for the All-You-Can-Eat Catfish.

I worked on DeAara Lewis' film Tricks. My shoot for A Cop, a Snitch and a Stripper Named Shane was canceled (one tear). Once again Ladonna, Nia, Raven and Deneka Lewis, and Czarchus the soundman were on crew. We shot scenes that involved Jon Sparks (Sex and Death, Delusions), April Hale (The Survivor, Imagine), Deneka, and other Healing Touch ladies. What is Healing Touch, you may ask? See the movies, no freebies here. I helped set up and I also ran into a Healing Touch girl named Tammy (not sure of the spelling) that says that she read my blog. Around 1 PM, I broke out to run a few errands and to go home and get some rest for my shoot on Curbside Confessions. I made it to Arnold's house by 6:50 PM. I rode down to the riverfront area with Aaron Jones (PA Pretender). Arnold's girlfriend Dayna Hinkle(Divine Manipulation of the Threads)and Hardy McNeese were on crew. I got to (briefly) drive a sweet ride owned by Michael McClendon (Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast, The Garden). It was a good scene, and I hated when it ended because it ended my scenes for the movie. Afterwards, Aaron, Dayna, Arnold and I went to the store and hung out at Arnold's watching Robot Chicken Season One. It rocks!!!

I made my way to Midtown to a home shared by members of Alien Head Productions to be in And the Dead Shall Walk. I was originally going to be a zombie, but I wound up being a victim. We shot in Shelby Forest. My character was eaten alive, so to simulate that, I had to get messy. A lot of fake blood and organs that were really food products. As the bugs had their way with my flesh and the dirt got to me, I realized that I must be a little bit crazy to do this for free. I also must really love filmmaking. The dirt and uncomfortable feelings will all be worth it if the scene looks good. They said that it did. Shout out to Alien Head and my fellow victim and the rest of the zombies. They were cool people.

I am a little bummed because My Blueberry Nights has not called me. Hopefully, I will get a call before they move to the next town. Be easy, readers.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger Jon W. Sparks said...

It is certainly worth noting that the "Tricks" project holds great promise thanks to DeAara Lewis' well-crafted script and to the amazing people she's got around her. They work carefully and deliberately, thinking things through and making every effort to get it right. DeAara understands that you plan the plan and then you plan a backup plan. It's a professional production and I'm honored to be part of it.


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