Friday, July 28, 2006

A Sneak Peek at Excellence

Rod Pitts ( let me see a little bit of Don't Vote for Arthur Henry. I didn't see MY scene (boo), but I saw footage from several PSP All-Stars: Crystal Johnson (What Goes Around, Rock and a Hard Place), Learyn Wilde (Across the River, Imagine), Jason Dancy (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us), Krissi Cain (Chapters: The Movie), and even Rod himself. Rod was an actor in his younger days before he became a director. He's still got it. I can't wait until the film is finished. Rod also my do something for the Lil' Film Fest. Rod's been doing kung-fu films since he was in film school. He won't even tell me the story yet, and I'm supposed to be in the freakin' movie! Oh, well, as long as we keep hustling, we should be cool. Be easy, readers.

Plug Time!!!!

Aug. 2:
"1st Wednesday" Celebration at Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
Admission: $6 or free for Brooks Museum Members

6:15 PM: Gallery Talk by on the exhibition "Annie Leibovitz: American Music" by chief curator Maria Pacini

6:30 PM: Elvis impersonator Danny Spinosa

7:30 PM: Outdoor performance by the Beale Street Flippers

8 PM: Screening of "Dollars and Signs" Director Brandon Hutchison will intro the film and ask questions afterward

Aug. 3:
Come see another screening of Keenon Nikita's "Just the Two of Us" on Aug. 3 at 7 pm at Studio on the Square. Admission is $15 -- proceeds will be used to send the movie to various film festivals.

For more info about the film, go to:

Days Until Markus Seaberry's Next Screening: 5 Days and Counting, Baby!!!


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