Monday, June 18, 2007

Festivals, Wedding, and Wrestling: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, ran some errands, and I went to my friend Tony's birthday party that was held at the Bartlett Lanes. Yes, it was a bowling party. No, I didn't bowl. Not a big fan of the sport. Tony is a HUGE Superman fan, so I got him an action figure of an Evil Superboy. It was based on a comic book storyline. I hung out there for a little bit, but then I went to see Oceans 13. I enjoyed it greatly. I thought that it was much better than Ocean's 12. After that, I called it a night.


I got off at 1 PM, then I went to the Lil' Film Fest 6. The theme of this one was "Say What? Freedom of Speech". I was in 3 shorts. I was an extra in Melissa Remsen's short Quiet. It was about people being shocked over something this guy said. The guy was played by her husband, Adam Remsen (Eat). I was also in a short directed by Timm Scalita, Moon Landing. It was about a newscast in a world with no censorship. It was kinda wrong, but it was fun. My character is called the "N" word twice, but he shoots the people that call them that. Man, that felt good!!! That's what I feel like doing when I hear that word now. The "N" word is not nice. Stop using it!!! That goes for everybody!!! Shout out to Timm Scalita (Last Call Lovin') for acting in the short, and shout out to Monica Summerfield (Eat, Intense Black Men),who was also in the short. I was also in the winning short, Shades of Gray, directed by Jon Sparks ( We won the Audience Prize. Sparky's short centered on a musical debate between the Commercial Appeal's Wendy Thomas (played by LaVita Brooks) and Three Six Mafia (played by myself and Joe Smith). LaVita sang her points to the tune of a song from "Pirates of Penzance", while our rap was to a generic hip-hop beat. In order to stay on beat and make sure that the words were clear, we had to use an old-school 80s rhyming technique. Of course, this further makes me look like I can't rap, especially coming on the heels of the last Lil' Film Fest, where I had to intentionally rap bad for a short (Intense Black Men and Bitchy White Women). Those are roles, people. I have dabbled in spoken word, and I am more than capable of "spitting rhymes". If you doubt me, try to battle me. I dare ya, clown!!!! Okay, I'm done with that. Shout out to Willie Murray for his piece (Euphemism), Angel Ortez who won the Jury Prize (decided by judges before the event). Booo to Wendy Thomas, who was invited, but declined because Sparky told her beforehand that she did not agree with her opinion. I guess she can dish it out, but she can't take it. For the record, they both annoy me. Three Six Mafia profit off of ignorant lyrics and promoting stupidity, but Wendy Thomas' holier-than-thou attitude works my nerves!!! For those keeping score, that makes two shorts that I will now have in this year's Indie Memphis Film Festival: Happy Artistic Freedom Day and Shades of Gray, both directed by Jon Sparks. I am trying to equal or surpass my record-breaking 8 film appearances in last year's festival. My nemesis, Brett Magdovitz (Eat), held the record with 5, but he vows to regain his title. It will never happen, Magdovitz. I have two already, have you even acted in anything this year?! Eat my dust, man!!
Shout out to Laura Hocking-McCoy and Chris McCoy for attending, and shout out to LaVita's son DJ for being a Production Assistant on Sparky's short. Shout out to the evil genius Damarico Fowler for showing up, supporting, and voting.

After this, Damarico and I decided to go to a Hip-Hop Festival on the University of Memphis campus. Unfortunately, attendance was low, so they hadn't performed by the time we got there. Eventually, weather caused the performances to be canceled. Shout out to Kevin Youngblood aka Ptah Maximus (, The Iron Mic Coalition (, and others that came out. Shout out also to my girl Nysha and her son Cameron that came through. Shout out to Memphis Dread for selling me the dope Okayplayer t-shirt (it's a music site:, and shout out to Infinito ( and singer/actress Latoya Baker for coming through.

After this, Fathom-9 of the IMC and I were headed toward Spin Street so I could buy him a DVD for his birthday, Black Samurai starring Jim Kelly (love that Blaxploitation!!), and the cops stopped me on Patterson doing 35 in a 25. Middle finger to the cop who stopped me. Catch a criminal, you maggott!!!! We still went to Spin Street along with Infinito, then we went to Perkins and ate and chilled out. Infinito is a cool dude, and he works fast, whether it his art or his music. I like his work ethic.

After that, I went to Jordan's for some karaoke. Shout out to my man Joe Smith (Arrogant Dead People, Elvis), who was celebrating his birthday. He and I performed "Nuttin' But a G Thang". Once again, we rocked that song!!! Shout out to Ritchie "The Mayor of Frayser" Pierce (, Forrest Pruett (Behind the Eight, Forty Shades of Blue), Uncle Ricki, Niki, Jamie, Alena, Nancy Jordan, Jeff Jordan, Terry, Quinn, and the KJ Tony. I also sang "Erotic City" by Prince. Forrest suggested that I sing some Prince. I did. I also helped out a woman named Emily on "Don'tcha Wish" by the Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes. I tried to do Busta Rhymes' verse. I kinda know it. Good times were had.


The parents came by, and I gave my father his gifts. I had forgotten his birthday in May, so I got him two DVDs; Hang 'Em High starring Clint Eastwood, and John Wayne's The Sons of Katie Elder. My brother bought cruise tickets for both of our parents. I accompanied my parents to the wedding of one of my childhood friends, Dredrick Murden. I hadn't seen him in a while, so I was happy for him. Dredrick's twin brother, Fredrick, was his best man. I saw a few people that I hadn't seen in years, so it was cool. Fortunately, Terrence Sanders was not there. He was a friend of the twins that pushed me around a lot in high school. I was not going to have it yesterday. Ol' Terrence would've gotten a chair to the back of his head. I am serious. Fotunately, he didn't show, and I didn't have to beat anybody up.

After that, I went over my friend Shomari's house and watched the TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling pay-per-view. Former Tennessee Titans player Frank Wychek was in a match. My people came through, and it was cool.

This week, I may or may not be filming on something, we will see. King Indie (me) is still on a quest to keep acting and honing my craft. Be easy, readers!!!


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