Monday, July 16, 2007

Movies, Auditions, and Karaoke: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I saw the new Harry Potter. It was cool, but there was a little too much talking during the final battle. I'm not sure if I want to sit through the next movie (No.6) to get to the final battle (no.7)


I got off work at 1 PM, dropped off "Uncle" Marvin Skinner, and then I rolled to Comics and Collectibles where my good buddy Martheus Antone Wade was having a comic book signing for the latest issue of his creation, Jetta. Jetta is about a young woman destined to lead a ninja clan. She is at war with her father, a former member of the Toshigawa clan that turned evil. For more info, go to Antone writes and draws the book, his wife Janet cowrites the book, and Kevin Williams edits it. Kevin Williams also has a comic and puppet creation named Muley. I chatted with them, watched some Muley video footage, and tripped out. My buddy Demetrius came through. He's still working on his comic and animation plans. I gave him my number. Hopefully, we can work together. After that, I ran into Jeff, a fellow comic and wrestling fan. I got his number; he said that he had some independent wrestling DVDS to show me. I gotta check them out.

After that, I went to an audition for the new film "100 Lives". It deals with a hot summer in Memphis and an increasing crime rate. The 100th life taken is someone close to one of the characters and he wants to take the law into his own hands. It was written by Darius Wallace, film and stage actor. He and I worked together for a day on Dollars and Signs. I had a pretty good reading, and he said that he would use me for something, I needed that, because I had a so-so reading for Christopher Dear's project on Wednesday, and I did NOT get called back. I guess I had started believing the "King Indie" hype. Don't get it twisted, I am still one of the hardest-working actors in Memphis, but even I don't always get picked. Such is life. Shout out to Don Myers (Curbside Confessions) and Alisa Nave (Rommel's Crossroad). I didn't see them, but I saw their name on the sign-in sheet.

After that, I went over Rod Pitts' house. We chit-chatted and caught up on old times. He showed me the documentary that he acted in. Keenon Nikita (Just the Two of Us) and local rapper Jason Harris were also in the film. He also showed me some footage from The SCJ Project. It was some good stuff, shout out to Monica Summerfield (Eat, Moon Landing), who was in some of the footage I saw. Rod had footage of several other beautiful actresses, too. It kinda bummed me out. When you're alone a lot, it's not good to see attractive women. It can depress you and remind you of what you don't have.
After leaving Rod's house, I went to Perkins. After that, I called it a night. Fatigue and sadness had set in. I prayed about it, slept, and woke up feeling a little bit better the next morning.


I got a call from my boy Tohorie Holmes. He said that our fellow Fayette-Ware High graduate, Derrick Martin (Wildcats represent), has been doing the acting thing in Phoenix, Arizona and has a production company. He gave me Martin's number and I called him. I haven't received a call as of this writing, but I hope he calls me. It might be fun to go to Phoenix and do a little acting.

After that, I went over my boy Shomari's mom's house and we watched wrestling and hung out. It was cool. Then, I went to the Vault on Highland for Karaoke Smackdown. My buddy David H. was the karaoke jockey (KJ). I sang "Clint Eastwood" by the Gorillaz. Later, I sang "Ooh Child" by the Five Stairsteps. Shout out to my buddy Sean from the comic book store and this other guy who called themselves Slutterfly. They sang some crazy song by The Darkness. Sean was jumping all over the place. I thought dude was gonna hurt himself!! Sean is rock and roll. Shout out also to Lynn Cardona her boyfriend, Edward Stanley. Ed's an engineer and Lynn is a singer. She put out an album locally and she is working on another one with Ed. It was good to see her. For more info on Liz, go to . To purchase her great CD, go to

I am looking forward to chatting with Martin about the Phoenix scene, to starting "100 Lives" and other things that I am sworn to secrecy about. It looks like my inactivity may finally be over. The King will be back in the saddle. Be easy, readers!!!


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