Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Movies, Cookout, and Mi Familia: The Three-Day Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up


Chilled out, watched TV


We taped the Geekland Podcast at my good buddy Justin Vactor's house. His house is cool. Shoutout to Vactor, Willie Gilless, Ben Songer, Chris Eaton, and Kevin Coll. You can hear the Geekland podcast at www.geeklandpodcast.com. Willie, Justin, Ben, and Kevin also did the Entertainment Overload Podcast: www.eopodast.com. After that second podcast, I met up with the guys at Buffalo Wild Wings near Wolfchase. We chatted, talked about movies and comics, and some of us (like me) gawked at the beautiful women walking by. Afterwards, I went to see Tropic Thunder. That was an awesome movie!!! I really enjoyed it.


I went to Comics and Collectibles and chitchatted with C&C employee Sean George for a bit, then later I went to a party in Midtown. It was at the home of Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking-McCoy. They are a married filmmaking duo known as Oddly Buoyant Productions. It was cool. Once again, I was one of the few people not drinking or smoking. Filmmaker Adam Remsen was there, and he brought his sister, Charlotte. She was cool, but the fact that I didn't drink or smoke really shocked her. Charlotte also said that I was "sexy". She didn't say it in an "I want you" type way, but I was flattered by the complement. I was called ugly an awful lot as a child. I don't normally think of myself as "hot" or "sexy". Shoutout to Jeff Pope, John Pickle, Sarah Fleming, Christopher Reyes, and other people that were at the party, like a woman named Danna. She was originally from New York, and she was very witty. I did wind up getting in a conversation about atheism, though. McKenzie, another partygoer, explained to me that most atheists don't hate Christians, they just can't or don't believe in Christianity. I believe in God, but I can respect that. I left early in the morning, looking forward to my Monday off.


I went out to Oakland, Tennessee for a cookout at my Uncle Ray's house. I had a pretty good time, enjoyed my family, and I think that me and my little cousin Kamaria have called a truce. Yay. I really enjoyed talking to my cousin Sam. I found out that he is writing a script and he writes songs. I really felt like I connected to him on a level that I hadn't before. Sadly, Sam has to go to court on Wednesday and may see some jail time. I think that he is really trying to change his life and I am praying that the judge is lenient. I am asking for prayers and positive energy on that situation.

I have learned that I am being eyed for a role in another short. It feels good that people think of me when casting without me always having to audition, but I remind myself that I am never too proud to audition. Also, contary to many people's opinions, I DON"T always get a role when I audition. Hopefully, some of these projects that are being talked about will start filming soon. Be easy, readers!!


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