Monday, July 28, 2008

(Almost) Filming, Boredom, and Geeky Conversations: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I chilled out, watched a little WWE Smackdown, the end.


I hung out at Comics and Collectibles for little while, then I attempted to film something, but the boom mic was not working. So near, yet so far. I then caught a 3:50 PM showing of Hellboy 2 at the Malco Paradiso Theatre. Next, I headed back to my side of town. I went to Cici's Pizza and sat at my table again. Afterwards, I called it a night. Man, this is the life.


I was back at Comics and Collectibles for the Geekland Podcast. We basically discussed the comics that we are reading. Yes, I'm a geek. Shoutouts to Justin Vactor, Willie Gilless, and Ben Songer. Check it out at .
I also took place in their entertainment overload podcast. Look for that on iTunes. It was cool. Hell, it was the highlight of my weekend.

This weekend was kind of a bust: no filming, and I learned today that the auditions for a new film being shot in Memphis (N-Secure)were yesterday. I had heard about the film, but I didn't know when the casting call was. I am still hoping that things will get better. I cling to faith and hope because they are all I have. I am down but not out. Be easy, readers!!


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