Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Paintings, Parties, and Movies:The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, went to the comic book store, and then I saw Not Easily Broken. It was a pretty good film. Morris Chestnut actually tried to act. Taraji P. Henson was solid, and Kevin Hart didn't annoy me. I give it 3.5/5 on flixser.com.
Next, I went to the David Lusk Gallery. Two former classmates of mine, Jerry and Terry Lynn, called Twin, had an exhibition of their work. Shout out to my friends Chandra and Frank Johnson and to my friend Madalyn who were also there.


I got off work and went over my buddy Justin Vactor's house to podcast. Check them out at www.geeklandpodcast.com and at fusedfilm.com. Shout out to Justing for giving me the longboxes for my comics and for letting me have some of his old comics. Shout out to Willie Gillis, Emily from Ohio, Ben Songer, and everybody else involved in the podcast.

After that, I went over my buddy Arnold Edward's house to celebrate Dedrick Bullard's b-day. We went to O'Charlie's and then we came back to Arnold and Dayna's house. Throw up prayers for Day-Day's mom because she is dealing with cancer. I left around 11 PM. Shout out to Call of Duty because there's a code that allows you to fight Nazi zombies. I have to say, nazi zombies are kind of cool.


I pretty much loafed around the house until the evening. I went to the Wolfchse Galleria and saw Rachel Getting Married. It was an awesome film. Anne Hathaway, a recovering drug addict released from rehab right before her sister Rachel's wedding. Rosemarie Dewitt played Rachel and she was excellent as well. Their relationship seemed very believable. Debra Winger was excellent as their mom. The cameos were crazy: Fab 5 Freddy (of Yo! MTV Raps fame), Donald Harrison, Tamyra Gray,and Harvey Corman. It was crazy!! I enjoyed it, 4/5 stars.


I hung out with my boy Chris Eaton, we watched some indie wrestling and helped his buddy Mars move in. He also gave me a graphic novel. Good lookin' out,Chris


PLEASE pray for my family. My mom called me while I was writing this and said that my three-year old cousin Cameron took a turn for the worst in his battle with cancer. I will visit him tonight. Any positive thoughts are appeciated. Be easy, readers!!!


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