Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Divine Screening

Last night, I attended the 7:35 screening of Divine Manipulation of the Threads. My good friend Paul Briggs accompanied me. Other cast and crew members in attendance included Jon Sparks (Delusions, Just the Two of Us), Sarah Ewell (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us), Jeanette Comans (Shutter, Walk the Line), Joseph Smith (Glorious Mail, Arrogant Dead People), Lina Fritsche (Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast), Scarlett Williams (Shutter), Arnold Edwards (director, Curbside Confessions), Dayna Hinkle, Christin Ackerman (Delusions, Chosen), Melissa Peck (Slow Down), Christine Connolly, Anthony Howald, Brad Alsobrook, Anita Howald, Muck Sticky (Delusions), and others. It was a funny film, nice pacing, and lots of witty dialogue. There was also a pretty snazzy musical number. It was cool to see it all come together. Shout out to Lin Workman, John Pickle (Pickle TV, The Importance of Being Russell), Brad Weatherly and the Old School Pictures gang (Act One, Hustled), and any other filmmakers who checked us out. I was also shocked to learn that my character's name was Clefty. It's odd, but I kind of like it. We all headed over to Celtic Crossing after the movie. It was cool. I chilled out. I will try to make the afterparty at Dish on Thursday, but for now, my mind is on these rehearsals for Waltzing in Memphis. I've gotta get these dance moves and songs right. If you want to see Divine Manipulations, these are the showtimes until March 30: 1:20, 4:30, 7:35, 9:40. The running time is 93 minutes.

Monday, April 3:

Just the Two of Us will have a showing at Malco's Studio on the Square at 7 PM. It will be a shorter, technically superior version of the previous showing. Please support.


At 7:04 PM, Blogger Jon W. Sparks said...

By popular demand: "Divine Manipulation of the Threads" has been extended to April 6 at the Malco Studio.


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