Friday, March 24, 2006

Play Time

Last night, I and a few of the more dedicated Gridiron members had a song rehearsal for Waltzing in Memphis. It was cool. We found out that the University of Memphis Tigers beat Bradley (Hell yeah!). I was too tired to go to the Poison Dialect show. Actor Trent Dee (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation of the Threads) called and told me that he is doing extra work for the F/X pilot being shot in Memphis, Southern Comfort. That's cool. Always glad to see my people doin' the damn thang!

Shout out to the Memphis Tigers again for the victory over Bradley and for the article in yesterday's USA Today. For all those haters who said that Memphis would be the first no. 1 seed to leave the tournament and that C-USA is a soft conference: Hah! Duke's at home, and we're still in it. How 'bout that? Three words, people: Respect our fresh! Tigers, baby!! You don't wanna mess with us!

Finally, don't forget to support local Memphis group Free Sol as they compete against other bands in an MTV2 contest. Here is the link:

Looking forward to play rehearsals, the Lil' Film Fest, and helping out Rod Pitts ( on Spin Cycle. Gotta keep hustling! Be easy, readers.

P.S: Scroll down and see the rest of my March events. And remember, when Markus Seaberry is in your production, it's not just a movie, it's a movement!!!!!!

Countdown to Lil' Film Fest: 1 Day and Counting


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