Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up Plus One

Okay, I'm finally getting back to normal. Back at work (better than being broke) and back to blogging. I'd like to thank Morris Chism (The Tank) and Jon Sparks (Across the River, Just the Two of Us) for their well wishes. Sparky said that the indie film industry would collapse without me. Okay, that made me smile at first, but c'mon, Sparky, I'm just one guy! We have a good community. It would survive without me. But, hey, it sounded cool. Let's recap recent events:

At home. sick. Sick is no fun. At all.


Sick yet again. I was even sicker after the Suns eliminated the Lakers in seven games. Who blows a 3-1 lead?! Are you kidding me!! And I thought I was feeling bad. Hey, Lakers, sucks to be you, huh?! That was mean, but it felt good!!!


I thought I would be back in action. Went to the comicbook store and bought my good buddy Martheus Wade's comic Jetta. It was cool. He and I graduated from the University of Memphis on the same day (I've probably said that before). He's a good guy. Check out more at www.toshigawa.com, the home of Jetta and MAW productions. I met up with Rod Pitts and we thought that we would film something, but it didn't quite come together. So, we rolled out to my hood, the Dirty Dova (Cordova what?!), chilled out at the Wal-Mart on Germantown Parkway (G-Town, don't play!!!), and we went to my favorite discount theater, the Bartlett 10. We saw 16 Blocks. It was pretty interesting. I couldn't tell where the story was going, and that's a good thing. Some films are too predictable. Bruce Willis was good, and Mos Def, my favorite actor/rapper, was awesome!!! He plays this character and he has this goofy voice...you just gotta see it, or wait for it to come on DVD. After that, I went back to the U of M area and picked up my buddy Bryan Newcomb's (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us) birthday gift at Spin Street. He wanted T-Pain's CD "Rappa Ternt Sanga". It includes the smash hit "I'm in Love With a Stripper". I wouldn't normally buy such a CD, but I promised him that if he hadn't bought it before his birthday, I would purchase it for him. Don't say I ain't never gave you nothing, Bryan!!! Then, I dropped Rod off and went to the crib.


Curbside Confessions rehearsal. I can't talk about the script, but there was an incident where this female got angry with me for attempting to swat a moth. A moth that was in my personal space! C'mon, people, I'm all for touchy, feely moments, but it's a moth! They don't live long anyway! Next thing you know, I won't be able to knock down spiderwebs in my home! I'm just not used to people admonishing me for swatting little creatures. I think we're all getting a bit too sensitive. People, we have to get over some stuff! I'm not really the tree-hugging, whale saving type. Okay, I hugged a tree. once. Ask me about it when you see me. I decided to rant in this space since I couldn't talk about the rehearsal. End of rant. I hope I didn't offend any of the vegan, Peace Corps, Greenpeace-loving people in my audience. Don't throw tofu at me when you see me, and I promise not to eat chicken wings in your presence. Unless it's a holiday.


I honestly don't have any plans. Lately, my "movie playtime" has been restricted to the weekends. I may see Madea's Family Reunion. It's only $2.50 at the Bartlett 10. Hey, times are hard. It's no Paradiso, but it's close to my house, and it allows me to catch up on movie for the cheap. Be easy, readers.


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