Monday, April 24, 2006

There's So Many People: The Weekend Round-Up


I went to a birthday party for Tactix, a local rapper. He is a member of Conscious Physics, Poisonous Dialects (, and king otis (
All of those acts performed, as well as two members of Iron Mic Coaliton ( Quinn, who is also half of Fyte Club (, and Jason"Da Hater" Harris, who is solo but is formerly of Kontrast ( Seance, a highly talented rapper from New York, also did a few songs. Afterwards, Jason Harris, Dj Shemeq, and myself decided to meet up at The Complex and peep out the end of their reggae night. The acts were Batch, Attitude and the Zioners. The way people were jumping around, it was similar to a COGIC church service (I've witnessed many). I also ran into upcoming actress Tiffany Pemberton (Delusions, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast). She told me that she was just at home for this week and that she is still involved with a tour for Kool cigarettes featuring several musical acts. After she finishes the tour, she said that she's moving back to Oklahoma and then on to LA to try her hand at the acting game. I will miss her, but I hope she makes it.

After that, Jason, Shemeq, and I decided to go to CK's with two of Jason's friends that were at the reggae night: Latonya and Keri. Very beautiful women, but I felt like the "fifth wheel", literally. I think both of them had boyfriends anyway. After that, I called it a night.


Had a slow start after last night's activities. Ran around the city for a minute, hollered at Rod ( Pitts. He informed me that my scene wouldn't be shot this week, but definitely next week. He said he's gonna buy me a "cake" for being on point. It better be a chocolate cake, man! Next, I rolled down to Africa in April. My buddy Paul West and his band GRIP were supposed to be backing up local singer Candy Girl. The memphis rappers hogged the stage and they never got on. They used foul language with children present. I've done that before (to my shame), but not on stage!!! Also, Dr. David Acey, founder of Africa in April, presented a plaque to Three Six Mafia. Let's see: At a festival honoring Sierra Leone, a tenured professor at the University of Memphis dressed in traditional African garb, honors Three Six Mafia for getting an Oscar for a song about pimping. Yeah, that didn't feel weird. After realizing that Candy Girl wasn't going to perform, Paul's girlfriend Denna Greer (What Goes Around), my boy Terrance, and his girlfriend waited on Paul so we could plan from there. Afterwards, Denna, Paul, Wanda, her friend, Terrance and his girl, and I think his girlfriend's sister ate at On the Border on Poplar. Next, we saw The Sentinel. Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland were Secret Service Agents at odds over foiling a plot to kill the President. Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) was a rookie in the Secret Service. She looked cute. I was tripping out over the President and First Lady. David Rashe and Kim Basinger. Kim Basinger and the guy who played Sledge Hammer on TV. The 80s child in me geeked out, but the plot was weak. But, once again, Kim Basinger and Eva Longoria were beautiful.


Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us), Paul Briggs, and myself went to Wal-Mart, the hip-hop clothing stores on American Way, and then we went downtown to see GRIP take the stage at Africa in April(they actually performed this time). The first few acts were...okay. There was a gospel act, and they had good energy, but the lead singer hollered her words into a very crude sound system. It hurt my eardrums! Next was One Love, a fortysomething rapper. He dressed age apppropriate, but his first song, "What's Going On"(not the Marvin Gaye song) was okay. His second song, "Soul Food", was better. "Soul Food" was about the Bible. Next, GRIP finally performed. Candy Girl, Thomas Spurlock, and Syreeta were the vocalists. They were awesome, and so was the band. Some members were a little bit loud, but it was decent. Afterwards, we went over my buddy Shomari's house and watched the last bit of a wrestling pay-per-view. Another crazy weekend comes to an end.

Today, I will audition for Blue Tail Fly, the next independent feature from John Fuess, producer
of Mail Call (yes I'm in that movie as well...leave me alone). It's a cold read, but it should be fun. My hustle continues. Be easy, readers.


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