Friday, April 21, 2006

Plan C

Okay, I call my film mentor Rod Pitts ( and ask him am i rehearsing my scene for Spin Cycle. I really hope I shoot it this week, so I can cut off my mini-fro and get my look right for Curbside Confessions..please, God. Rod says that practice is a no-go, but we may practice on Saturday night. Okay, so then I say, "Hey, Markus! You haven't attended acting class at Red West's house in a while! Time to make your comeback!" I go out there only to find that class has been canceled. The third time proved to be the charm. I attended the Speakeasy on 483 S. Huling...that's downtown, ya'll. Ekundayo, a poet/actor who was in Dollars and Signs along with me hosts the Speakeasy. Madeleine Rogers, stage actress and cast member of the upcoming A Cop, A Snitch, and a Stripper Named Shane, was in attendance. My good friend Paul Briggs also arrived later. The Speakeasy is a performance venue. Tonight, spoken-word artist Ramp performed, along with a guitarist (didn't catch his name) and comedian Lomax. I had seen Ramp at poetry spots before. He is a Christian, but he doesn't come off as preachy. He has a very down-to-earth, personable style. R.A.M.P. stands for Real Amazing Mind-Blowing Poet. His e-mail is He had a cool reggae style poem called Outtelectual. He was just real cool and humorous. I bought his CD "Journey of a Poet". I also exchanged info with him and Ekundayo. Ekundayo is founding a theater company named Hattiloo. They will be performing plays that speak more to the African-American experience. I had fun, I networked, it was a win-win. I may have to get down with Hattiloo. Last night, I saw people doing arts for the love. Lately, even though I haven't been getting paid, I feel like commerce was taking the place of art as my main goal. It felt good to hear stuff that I felt came from an honest place. I need to start writing poetry again. I've gotten so caught up in acting, my other skills have been neglected. I must strike a balance between all my gifts. Be easy, readers.


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what's up ???????????!!!!!!!!
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