Monday, June 12, 2006

I've Got the No-Filming Blues:The Weekend Wrap-Up

I chilled out, watched Friday Night Smackdown (it's a wrestling show, nothing perverted), and called it a night

Went to an audition for the film Chance Encounter. Saw Jerry Kimble (Act One) up in the place. Also saw this guy named Jose who is in Tricks. Plus, my fellow PSP All-Stars Learyn Wilde (Across the River, Imagine) and Jason Dancy (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us). I actually read opposite Learyn. I don't feel good about this audition. It had slipped my mind until around 3PM Saturday, and I didn't have the sides (script used for audition). I tried to play the guy laid-back and introverted, but I fear that I may have been too laid-back. Learyn said I did good, and that made me feel a little better, but, unfortunately, she is not casting this one. I thought Learyn knocked it out of the park, though. Later on that night, I went to a hip-hop show at Precious Cargo hosted by the Iron Mic Coaliton ( I got to holla at my boy Jason Harris aka "The Hater", my boy Cosmo, and the rest of the crew. I also met some dudes from Little Rock that performed. The first guy from Little Rock that performed was a Caucasian rapper named Mad Trucker ( He kicked very fast raps that seemed to be political. Also, this guy named Dirtbag performed. There was also a guy named 607 (, My buddy Ptah Maximus (from Memphis) performed (, as did local MC Seance. Seance denounced Myspace and hollered out his personal number. Bold move, buddy! I'm not that friendly. The other Little Rock act was NCaHootz( The final act was local MC Sponge. He was very humorous yet lyrical at the same time. It was a cool experience, all around. Shout out to Iron Mic Coalition and the rest of the acts.


Still no filming (sniff, sob). I hung out all day and watched a wrestling Pay-Per-View with my people that evening.

I feel like I'm letting my readers down. I wanted to film, but things just didn't happen. Hopefully, this week will be better. Be easy, readers.


At 1:54 PM, Blogger Morris Chism said...

Yeah I know that feeling, its like a "filming state of depression"!

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayo...I don't know how I found this but I like the show details....word.


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