Friday, August 25, 2006

The Roller Coaster That is My Life

Yesterday, the boss lady informed me that rather than hire a replacement for my assistant who is leaving, I will go back to the 2nd shift. I put on a brave front, but I was bummed. That means Monday-Thursday from 1PM-10PM and Friday and Saturday from 9AM-1PM. I've done it before, but I had gotten used to being free in the evening. I will be forced to being a "weekend warrior" for a while.

Later, I get a call from photographer/filmmaker Tommy "The Future" Kha, asking me to be an extra in Team Picture. I showed up at an art gallery and got my extra on. Andrew Nenninger (Bright Sunny South) was the director. I knew him from the Media Co-op. Location scout supreme David Merrill also came through to be an extra, as did Nicki Newburger, who worked with me on Dollars and Signs. She says that Brandon has a few ideas that I may get to be a part of. She also asked me why I didn't write my own stuff. I know I should. I've just been battling burnout for most of the year. I also ran into another actress from Dollars and Signs. She said that she does this for fun, and she's not serious about it; she has better things to do. Of course, I said that I am serious about it. Of course, she had a speaking part. It was hot because the air conditioning was off because of the sound (story of my life), and some people drank a little too much wine, but it was cool. It was also cool to see Tim, who was one of the costars of Dollars and Signs. I made sure to leave a business card with Andrew. Maybe I can speak in his next project.

Next, I went to the karaoke spot. It was slow, but I got in right before they closed and dazzled the three people in attendance with my rendition of Outkast's "Hey Ya!" I do what I can.

Tonight, I will be back on My Blueberry Nights. Lisa Lax called and told me that the call time is 11:30 PM. That means I won't get out until Saturday afternoon. Hopefully, I can still do my cameo in Blue Tail Fly, but I will probably miss Sparky ( in the worm-eating contest. It's a promotion for the film adaptation of the popular children's book (and kickbutt CBS Storybreak cartoon) How to Eat Fried Worms. Good luck, Sparky!!
Sunday, I will rejoin the production Tricks, but this time as an actor. I play Chester, who has a humorous encounter with a prostitute. Good times, people. Be easy, readers.


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