Monday, December 03, 2007

Filming, Parties, and Way Too Much Pizza: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, stayed at home and watched TV. Yay for TV.


I shot a short film called Resolutions for the Irresolute. It was directed by Aaron Gwin, a first-time director. Aaron is the son of a guy that I used to work with at the Ned McWherter library on the U of M campus. Memories in the corner of my mind and all that. Other people involved in the short were Annie Gaia (Eat), Monica Summerfield (Eat),Jeff Pope (Black Snake Moan), and Chris Byerly(Last Call Lovin) helped out with the filming. The short film is about a bad infomercial for a cassette that helps you keep your New Year's Resolutions. The short will be entered in the next Lil' Film Fest. The theme is resolutions. Aaron also fed us. He ordered quite a few pizzas. I was bad, I ate several slices. I also drank a Coke. I hadn't touched a soft drink in months. I will definitely have to get back on track with my fitness regimen.

Later, I went to a birthday celebration for my friend Terra Hollis. I bought her this British indie horror movie, Severance. She likes the blood and guts and screaming. I'm not a big horror person, but whatever makes her happy. We were at Bahama Breeze. I also ran into this pastor I know, Shane Norment. He was out with his wife and child. Shoutout to Denna Greer (What Goes Around), Paul "P-Dub" West, Shomari Gant, Mario, Jill, Terrence, "Angry" Nick Jones, Courtney Wright, and everybody else that came out. It was cool.


I went to a wrap party for the film Cruel. It is a silent horror film that was shot in the Mid-South area. Duane Craig wrote and directed it, and R.C. Knight of Knight Entertainment helped finance it. Shout out to Don Myers (Tricks), Jon "Sparky" Sparks (, Chris Byerly, Monica Summerfield, her beautiful daugher October, Arnita Williams (In an Instant), Timm Scalita (Ants in an Ant Farm), Dan Reed (100 Lives), and the rest of the cast and crew. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings on Poplar. They paid for our food, which was really cool.

Later, I went over my good buddy Shomari Gant's house and watched the TNA wrestling pay-per-view. It was pretty awesome.


I have to give a shoutout to anonymous blogger Both Barrels at . This blogger talks about what he feels is wrong in the Memphis Film industry. They pull no punches, and sometimes makes some interesting observations. In the latest blog entry, I am listed as one of the top actors in town. I appreciate the notice. I am also aware that should my performance not be to Both Barrel's liking, they will not hesitate in letting me know. Just one thing, Both Barrels: It's Markus with a "K", not "C". I need a publicist. Be easy, readers!!!


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