Monday, April 28, 2008

Gifts, Karaoke, and Movies: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I went to the comic book store, then to Hastings on my side of town. I bought my (step)father the Lonesome Dove miniseries on DVD. Hey, he likes Westerns. I write (step) father like this because I only use this term to differentiate from when I am talking about my birth father. My (step)father has never treated me differently because we were not blood relative, and I love him for that. After that, I went home and chilled out.


I chilled out most of the day until about 5:45 PM. I saw Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. Martin Lawrence playd a successful talk show host who returns home after several years for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. James Earl Jones played his father, Michael Clarke Duncan played his brother, and Mike Epps played his cousin. Mike Epps is foolish. I enjoyed it. After that, I sang a little karaoke at Jordan's. It was cool.


I chilled out until about 6:35. I went to Burger King and then back to the Bartlett 10 ($2.50 discount movies) and watched Step Up 2: The Streets. The acting wasn't the greatest, but the dance moves were awesome!! After that, I called it a night and watched the end of the Dallas-New Orleans basketball game.

My weekend was realtively low-key. I should rehearse and then record my part in the animated feature David:Valley of Shadows this weekend. My first cartoon!! Hopefully, I can start getting some more voiceover work. Be easy, readers!!!


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