Monday, March 31, 2008

Family Time, Hip-Hop, and Girlfights: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, went home, and watched the Memphis Tigers destroy Michigan State!!!! That got us into the Elite 8. Yes!!!!


I got up early in the morning and got my hair cut. Later, I went to a seminar entitled "Making It in Hollywood" that was presented as part of the On Location:Memphis International Film Festival. My money was tight, so I didn't see any movies, but I went to the seminar. One of the people on the panel was the woman who played Gabrielle, the sidekick on Xena: Warrior Princess. There were a lot of Xena fans in there. I thought they would ask a lot of stupid questions about that show. I have my geeky litttle show too, but this was not the forum for that. They didn't, and I was pleased. Shout out to Edward Phillips (director, Grim Sweeper) and Jon Sparks (, who I saw at the seminar.

After that, I went the comic book store, then I went to an audition for an animated film. It's called David: Valley of Shadows. The movie is a fictional story about the David of Biblical times (the guy that slayed Goliath) battling demons. The characters look cool, and my good buddy Paul "P-Dub" West is involved in the project. I read for three characters, but not the one that I was practicing, so I don't know how good or bad that I did. Hopefully, I will get chosen, because the job is paying. Shout out to Janean Farmer, who I briefly ran into while auditioning.

After that, I went to my cousin Eugenia's house in Collierville. We celebrated all the March birthdays in my family, which included my brother. It was cool, I enjoyed talking with my parents, my cousins McKeva and Nakia, and my uncle Eugene Anderson. I enjoyed his insight in to politics and issues affecting African-Americans. I did not enjoy, however, my cousin Kamaria's constant pestering. She's a little girl, but she is a pain!! She tells me, "I don't like you, Markus". My response: "I don't like you, either!" I have to talk bad to her because her mom won't stop her from pestering me. In spite of that, I did enjoy myself.

After that, I went home and tried to take a nap, which I was unsuccessful at. Then, I attended the album release party of my friends the Iron Mic Coalition, or IMC for short ( Their new album is entitled Memphop, which is short for Memphis hip-hop. They don't rhyme about ignorance and materialism, which is a pleasant change from a lot of the garbage in my city. Thet performed most of the songs from the new album, as well as a few songs from their first album. Shout out to Capital A, Chaka, Adrion, Ennis aka Fathom 9, Jason Harris, Attiba, Yasin, Quinn, and Mac. They have a song called "Monday Night" which makes reference to our local wrestling matches and sampled the theme song from the local wrestling theme show. Ironically, during their performance of that song, two girls started fighting!! It was crazy. Quinn (from IMC) started freestyling about the fight. It was broken up quickly, thank God. IMC's music is not about that. I don't know what the girls were fighting about. After the show, Ennis, Jason, Kevin Youngblood aka Ptah Maximus, Sperichal, Cosmo, and myself went out to eat at Perkins. We chit-chatted, hung out, and talked about any number of things. It's always good to hang with the crew. Expect a review of the latest IMC album soon. After all that fun, I went home and went to sleep.


I got up rather late, watched the Tigers beat Texas and advance to the Final Four. Non sports fans will want to skip the next few sentences, as well as those who don't like angry writing. I will now begin. Ahem:

Yeah, baby!!!! Memphis, fool!! What?!!!!! All you doubters, nonbelievers, and naysayers can suck it!!!!! Memphis 4 Life, baby!!! Let's Go Tigers!!!! YEEEEAAAHHH!!!!

Okay, back to my normal blog....

After watching the game, Bryan Newcomb and I went to the mall. I don't like window shopping. It was tough resisting the urge to use my credit card to buy some cool clothing items. I fought it off, though. I also learned that the Game Stop in Oak Court Mall no longer sells used DVDs. Since I don't really play video games anymore, they're dead to me.

After that, Bryan and I went over by boy Shomari's mom's house to watch Wrestlemania. It was okay. Ric Flair, one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, lost a retirement match to Shawn Michaels. Flair has been one of my favorite wrestlers since childhood. It was a little sad. The show was very inconsistent.

After that, Paul Briggs and I went to the Karaoke Smackdown at the Vault on Highland. Shout out to the KJ, David H. Shouts out also to Lauren, April Steele (Is For Real), Lynn Cardona, Edward, Popcorn and his wife, Nathan, and the cute redheaded bartender. She's a looker.

Hopefully, I will snag a role in David: Valley of Shadows. I just have to keep hustling. Be easy, readers!!!


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