Monday, April 21, 2008

DVDs, films, and NBA: The Weekend Wrap-up


I went to this store on Germantown Parkway called Hastings. This store is awesome!! They have new and used CDs, DVDs, keyboards, funny t-shirts, blank CDs and DVDs (for recording), magazines, books, and a special comic book and graphic novel section. They also have anime and other DVDs for purchase and rent. I love this place!!! If I had a son today, his name would be Malik Hastings Seaberry. That's how much I love this place!!! They had a little sale on, where you could buy one used DVD and get another one (equal or lesser value) for a penny. I found an old cartoon from the 80s on DVD named Blackstar. It was kind of a prototype for He-Man. I got the entire series for $9.99, then I also got Body Rock, an 80s breakdance movie starring Lorenzo Lamas, for a penny. I have a soft spot for cheesy dance movies. I also bought a used CD single. It was the maxi-single for "Baby", a song from Brandy's first album. I bought it because the last track is the "I Wanna Be Down" remix. Brandy had this remix with all these great female emcees on it: Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Yo-Yo. I left very pleased with my acquisitions.


I chilled out, watched the Cavs beat the Pacers, then I left during the Suns-Spurs game to go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was produced by Judd Apatow and was about a guy who is dumped by his actress girlfriend and goes to Hawaii to get over her. Of course, his ex-girlfriend is also in Hawaii at the same time. It wasn't as funny as "Knocked Up" or "Superbad", but it had its moments. After that, I went to Sonic, then Hastings again. I bought "Superman:Doomsday" on DVD for only $7.99. I then got "TMNT", the latest Ninja Turtles movie, for a penny. Hastings rules!!


I chilled out, watched some more NBA basketball (the Magic beat the Raptors), and then I went out later in the evening. I also played a little "Rock Band". I was the singer, but once everybody started playing on Medium, I was a liability because I couldn't hit the notes precisely enough. I bowed out. Oh, I almost forgot: I did go to GameStop on Germantown Parkway. They have a buy 2 used Dvds, get 2 free sale. I found a used copy of the Chris Benoit DVD. Benoit was a WWE wrestler who murdered himself and his family. That was bad, but he was a good wrestler and I really wanted to have his DVD. I am not endorsing genocide!!! I also got "Undercover Brother" on DVD, and got "Matchstick Men" and "The Cooler" for free. GameStop is going to stop selling used DVDs. I had to take advantage, of course.

That was pretty much it, no acting, not a lot of traveling around. I will be recording on "David: Valley of Shadows" soon. Be easy, readers!!!


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