Monday, April 14, 2008

A Recap of the Last Few Days.....


I went to a cast and crew premiere of a local film that I was in called Curbside Confessions. The film was directed by Arnold Edwards II. The film starred a lot of loca actors: Hardy McNeece, Michael McClendon, Aaron Jones, Wasabi Jones, Dayna Hinkel, Patrick Cox, Ty Tarver, Forrest Pruett, Jon Sparks, Amy Weatherford, Bevan Bell, Trent Dee, and so many others. Please forgive me if your name was just not mentioned. I played a drug addict named Tyrone Broomfield. I was pleased with the film, and people seemed to like my role. For more info on the film, go to . We ate at Boscos later. I had a good time. That was the hardest I ever had to work on a film. I was tied up, beat up, and I had to deal with some emotional material. I feared that people would not accept me in a serious role. I was pleasantly surprised.


I chilled out and watched TV. Yay!!!


I got a haircut at about 6:30 in the morning (Shoutout to Jabo's on Germantown Parkway), I went to the bank and deposited my check for appearing in The Open Road (money is good), and I chilled out for a while. Later, I went to Comics and Collectibles. I ran into my fellow wrestling fan Jeff, and we went to Cici's Pizza, where I left my Memphis Tigers hat (bad move on my part), and then to his house to watch some wrestling. Yes, I still like wrestling. Leave me alone!!! Jeff knows where to get that good independent wrestling, not that WWE or TNA stuff. I have definitely got to invest in the indie DVDs.

Later, I went to Jordan's Catfish and More for some karaoke. It was a packed house, so I sang two songs. Eh, it beats being at home all night.


I pretty much lounged around until the evening. I finally finished watching all the special features on the About a Boy DVD. It's a pretty good film about a thirtysomething slacker (Hugh Grant) who meets a little kid. They form a friendship and help each other grow up. Rachel Weisz (The Mummy) and Toni Colette (In Her Shoes) is also in the film. Rod Pitts got it for me for Christmas. At first, I was sceptical, but once I really paid attention to it, I enjoyed it.
Later in the evening, I ate some Mexican food at My Favorite Place Restaurant. After that, I saw Smart People at the Cordova Cinema. Dennis Quaid plays a self-absorbed, arrogant college professor that nobody likes. Through a series of events, he is reunited with a former student (Sarah Jessica Parker) and his adopted brother (Thomas Haden Church). These two characters help him to grow and work on his relationship with his son and daughter. Ellen Page played his daughter. Her character was basically a Young Republican version of Juno, but I liked it. Okay, I have a bit of a crush on Ellen Page. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the film.

I don't know if I'll get a role before I do my voiceover work for David: Valley of Shadows. Oh, well, at least I have gotten paid once this year, and David will be my second paycheck. That's two more checks for acting than I got last year. The artistic hustle continues. Be easy, readers!!!!


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