Monday, May 05, 2008

Readings, Recordings, and Films: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work and made it to a table reading for David:Valley of Shadows. I found out that Keenon (not Nikita), a fellow actor, was in the film, as was Jean Henderson, who attended the University of Memphis around the same time as me. It was an exciting read. I have been congested since Sunday, but I made it through.
Part of me wanted to go to MusicFest, but money and trying to recover from this cold ruled that out. It was raining, and I couldn't get sick the day before recording. I was told that the main group that I wanted to see (The Roots)canceled anyway. Maybe next year.


I was at the studio around 10 AM. Keenon and other cast members were there. We chilled out and watched Saturday morning cartoons until it was our turn. I struggled in the beginning, I guess I'm just so used to acting with someone. One of the crew had me grab their shoulder for added emphasis. We rehearsed it one time with me grabbing him, and I got it. The next recording, I was able to give them what they wanted without interacting with anyone. That was cool. The experience was humbling. It let me know that "King Indie" can still learn some new things. I also received my check that day. It was promptly deposited.

Next, I went to Comics and Collectibles. It was Free Comic Book Day. Stores all around the country receive these free comics (usually previews of different companies' upcoming storylines in different books). You can get as many free books as you want by purchasing one comic. I was happy for the C&C staff from a business standpoint, but it was crazy. There were WAY too many people in the store. Shout out to my good buddy Chris Haley, his girlfriend April Steele, and my buddy Damarico "Black Supervillain" Fowler, who I ran into.

I went home, napped, then I went to the 6:30 screening of Iron Man. I really enjoyed this film. Robert Downey, Jr. is excellent as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow also shined as his assistant. I hadn't seen a lot of her work, and I was impressed. Paltrow was also looking kinda sexy in those corporate outfits. Terrence Howard did a good job as James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Tony's best friend. Jeff Bridges was also vicious as the main villain Obadiah Stane. I am always glad to see GOOD comic book films. If you watch it, stay until after the closing credits. Without giving away too much, let's just say that there is a scene that hints at a future Marvel film.


I pretty much chilled at home and watched b-ball until the evening. I gave my buddy Bryan Newcomb his birthday gift, since he'll be out of town on his actual birthday. Afterwards, I went to the Karaoke Smackdown at the Vault on Highland. I gave Joe his birthday gift. I sang quite a few songs. I did a duet of Eminem's "Stan" with Kim. She rapped Eminem's verses, and I sang Dido's hook. It was awesome!!! My last song of the night was Snoop Dogg's "Sensual Seduction". Shout out to David H., Sean George, Joe Martini, and the rest of the Vault regulars.

Now that the cartoon is over, I feel a little empty. There are not a lot of productions taking place in Memphis right now. Our independent film scene is real slow right now. Many of my friends have moved or are planning to move out to California. I think I need to move somewhere. So far, the "Sellout Initiative" has resulted in two paid gigs, which is two more than I had last year. I really need to sign with an agency. I keep putting that off. Of course, inevitably, I am going to have to either move or be content with doing this mostly "for the love". I feel like that is the limit in Memphis. I have to formulate a plan. Be easy, readers.


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