Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Thoughts, or too Much Free Time: 10/28/08

1. Yesterday morning, I turn on my big ol' TV in the living room. It is on AMC because my brother DVRed Mad Men (a good show)the night before. Why is The Omen on at freakin' 8 AM?! Don't give me that Halloween crap. There are times and places for everything, and that wasn't it. Later, I find out that they ran a freakin' Omen marathon...in the morning? Seriously? Yes, I know I'm a prude, yes, I know that I have the attitude of someone born in the 1920s. Hey, I gotta be me.

2. High School Musical 3 made $42 mil. The movie only cost $15 mil. That's crazy!! Disney rules again. Man, I would love to be down with Disney. I could be in a cheesy live-action kids show, be a voice in a cheesy cartoon, and have my likeness cheesy on merchandise. I would have no problem being cheesy as long as I was making cheese...money, that is. Plus, I would finally have films that I could show my whole family. I really need something with kids and a dog that I could show my little cousins. Hey, Disney, holla atcha boy!!!

3. So, Lindsey Lohan has gotten fired from Ugly Betty. Lilo, Lilo, Lilo,...I have only seen one of your films (Mean Girls) but I thought it was good. I have been hoping that you would get it together, but you haven't. I even enjoyed you on Ugly Betty. Leave the nose candy alone, dump Butchy McRoughpants (Samantha Ronson), and be the star that you can be. I still hope you get it together, Linds. I hate to see people piss away opportunities.

4. You knew it was coming....Be easy, readers!!!


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