Monday, October 20, 2008

Recovery, New Rides, and Movies: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work and went home. I was still sick. Boo.


Mom brought me the Blazer, and I gave her my KIA. No more dirty Kia riding. I now have a Blazer. I will NOT let this car get as dirty as the Kia got. No more eating in the ride, and a lot more car washes. I chilled at home until about 6 or so. Then, I rolled around and got some McDonald's, then some TCBY. They have a German Chocolate yogurt flavor!! AND it's 95% fat free!! Double score!! I wanted to go to the Bartlett 10, but I had my times mixed up. I went to the Hastings on Germantown Parkway and wasted time. What a "wild and crazy" Saturday night.


I laid around the house in semi-recovery mode. I watched the Titans DESTROY the Kansas City Chiefs. Haters take note: The Titans are 6-0. Deal with it!! I also got an opportunity to mess with my brother's two closest sports buddies who are die-hard Cowboys fans because they lost to the St. Louis Rams. That's two losses in a row, Cowboys fans. What's wrong?! Later, I went to My Favorite Place and had some Mexican food. Then, I went to the Malco Cordova Cinema and saw Fireproof. It was a Christian film starring Kirk Cameron. The acting wasn't the greatest, but it was a nice, uplifting story. I think one of the main actors is a guy that I knew from the U of M. Crazy, right? I will give it a 3/5 on

I am finally feeling better, and looking forward to getting out a little more this weekend. There will be a hip-hop show in the M-Town that I would really like to see. Also, I will rejoin my podcasting bretheren on the Geekland podcast ( Be easy, readers!!!


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