Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wasted Time, Weddings, and Uncomfortableness: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I was talked into going to West Memphis to a karaoke bar by my sometimes friend Mario Lindsey. The bar didn't have karaoke that night. I did run into an old friend of mine from my dormitory days at good ol' U of M. We called him Smurf. I guess Smurf moved back to West Memphis. Next, we went to downtown Memphis and ate at BigFoot Lodge. The food was okay, but I should have been at home. I have to learn to say no.


I worked for a few hours (BOOOO!). Next, I particpated in the Entertainment Overload Podcast (www.eopodcast.wordpress.com) and the Geekland Podcast (www.geeklandpodcast.com). Shoutout to Justin Vactor, Ben Songer, Willie Gillis, and Chris Eaton. After that, we went to Schlotzsky's and ate. Next, I ran my mouth in the comic book store for a while, then I went to the wedding reception of my good buddy and former coworker Andrew "4 Stacks" Britton. He and his beautiful bride were married at the Pink Palace. The reception was cool: delicous cake, a good DJ, and dancing. I enjoyed myself.


I went out to Oakland and gave my cousin Anwar Crawford his birthday gift: The Rey Misterio DVD, 619. That's his area code and the name of one of his moves (hes' a wrestler). Later, I went to the movies and saw Miracle at St. Ana. It was directed by Spike Lee. It was cool, but it was a little confusing. I will give it 3/5 stars on flixster.com.

Later, I ate at a place that I had no business being at (Cic's Pizza). I went home and watched the Steelers beat the Jaguars. Also, shoutout to the Titans for beating the Ravens. I am becoming a fan of the NFL. Too bad I didn't do this sooner.


I went to a wrap party for N-Secure, a film shot in Memphis. Shout out to Janine Farmer, Christian B of the group Free Sol, April Hale, and Keenon Walker. Keenon and Janine are now eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) because they had speaking roles. I am a little jealous, but I am happy for them. One day, I will be SAG eligible. It was okay, but after the people I knew started leaving, I felt out of place. I was only on set two days, and these people had been working together for a while. I found out a woman that I had met in '05 on a movie set also worked on N-Secure. Her name was Lisa Kiesel. I am frustrated about my career right now. Trying to balance acting and a day job is tough. Also, I have gotten too comfortable. I need new headshots, new cards, and I have got to discipline myself and lose this weight. I feel like I have made very little progress in 4 years of doing this. I am a tall, overweight dude trying to succeed in an image-conscious business full of small, skinny people. I am tired of playing thugs or victims in horror movies. I hate the fact that I am not in one film in Indie Memphis this year. However, I am tired of letting fear and frustration beat me. I have done it all my life. I have always had a dream of performing and entertaining. I can't quit now. I don't want to start anything else. I am happy when I am on set or on stage. I just have to regroup. Be easy, readers.


At 4:09 PM, Blogger shabbygeek said...

A husband/wife team we work with a lot also worked on N-Secure: you recall meeting Bob & Amy Sandefur? We love working with them and hire them whenever we have enough money in our budget. Good luck on your acting career. =)


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