Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lovers and Friends?

One thing that I seem to have noticed is that when two people in a group of friends decide to be more than friends, it can lead to several problems. Everytime these people have a dispute, the whole crew knows it. It can be very overwhelming. Also, if the relationship doesn't end well, it can get very uncomfortable. Who has to bow out of gatherings until things cool over? Also, both people could show up, resulting in some very tense moments. I know of one couple that met and used to hang out with a group of friends. Actually, this is the main crew that I hang with. They have managed to rise above the drama and people in their business and have thrived. I have seen three other episodes of attraction within my crew that have ended horribly. Sadly, the "crew love" is now continuing. Readers, I will not name names because I don't want to alienate my friends...or tick them off. It is just uncomfortable and awkward when "crew love" ends badly. Actually, it's starting to work my nerves. I wish my friends would just find people outside of the "circle of trust" (rent Meet The Parents). I don't know if I can stomach much more "he said, she said", "What's up with your boy, he ain't gotta be like that" conversations. Goodness, people, just calm down. Maybe I am being short-sighted, but it makes me not want to mess with anybody in my crew. Of course, the females that I thought about really aren't feeling me. However, if someone should change their mind or if some new, pretty young thing should attach herself to my crew, I may have to think twice. Lonely as I am, I am tired of the drama. Any way you look at it, Lovers and Friends can be a very volatile combination. I get enough drama from watching Alias and The O.C. Be easy.

P.S. Another diss in my continuing feud with Dr. Augustus Q. Fro (Blacksupervillain.blogspot.com), I would like the world to know that he still sleeps with a night-light.


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