Thursday, October 27, 2005

Indie Memphis: "Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast!"

The premiere of Slow Down was hot! Several of the stars/Indie Memphis regulars were there. I sat by Rod and Bryan, Ms. Arnita Williams (What Goes Around, Other Side of the Pillow), and Vincent Moore (The Poor and the Hungry, Just the Two of Us). Arnita had a funny part in the beginning and she was in the credits. She was pleased. Her mother and younger sister were in the place. The movie had several Indie Memphis regulars. Bevan Bell (Delusions, Cowboy's Silver Lining), My Agent Forrest Pruett (Glorious Mail, Delusions), Jon Sparks (, Jen Morris (Just the Two of Us), Diedre Tolliver, Sarah Ewell(Shutter, Delusions), Tiffany Pemberton (Delusions, Third Wheel Date), and others. Arnold Edwards, director of PA Pretender, was there to support M. David Lee, director of the movie and sportcaster for Fox 13. I was introduced to an actress named Mandy. Michael McClendon( Just the Two of Us, The Garden) was in attendance and he was in the movie. It was cool to see the whole Indie Memphis community out and supporting this film. It was really funny. I tried to be in the movie, but it didn't work out. It's cool, though. I did give David Lee my card, and maybe we'll work together soon. I am really hype,now. It's time for my film debut, baby!

AND NOW, another Markus L. Seaberry's shameless plug:

Dollars & Signs In the great American city of Memphis, TN, three "businessmen" are struggling to succeed. Carlton has an image to maintain and a family to feed. Mike and Dave have regular folks paying them to stand up against corporate greed. Along the way the three will meet, heads will bump and lives will change. 2005. Director: Brandon Hutchinson. HT Narrative Feature, 78:00.This film will be shown on Thursday, October 27, at 6:30 pm at the Muvico Peabody Place. The admission is $6.00. Please support. My mama gon' be there, and you should, too!

Please come out and support me. whether you know me or not! Celebrate, good times, c'mon!!!!


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