Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Audition

I came to the audition late. I sat there and watched a few actors. It's amazing: :Learyn called several radio stations and we only got 17 people at the most. There were a few good people at the audition. Keenon was looking for people for the final stretch of Just The Two of Us, as well as Drug Related and Spin Cycle. I just hope that these people maintain their hunger. It's all fun and games until the shoot goes into the wee hours. You find out who is really dedicated then. Hopefully, we can find some winners. Only one dancer came out for Ashley's video. Oh, well. We'll make it work. Man, I hope that we can finish soon. All these projects are getting to be overwhelming. I can't stop, though. I'm a little obsessed. I do plan to pull back soon, if only to renew friendships outside of acting. I miss my other friends, too. It'll work itself out, though.
Be easy, readers.


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