Friday, October 21, 2005

2 Movies in the Can

It's official. Delusions, directed by Robert Saba, is finished. I am a featured extra. Yes!!!! I have been doing this since the Spring of '04 and I didn't have any finished films last year. I felt like the invisible man. All the great acting in the world doesn't matter if people never see you. We have a cast and crew showing next month. I won't reveal the date or location, but you know I'll let you know how it went. YEEEAAAHHHH! I'm finally getting seen! Thank you God!!!
I'm on the way, baby!!!!! Who's stopping me now? And I am on pace to have five films done before the end of the year. Gotta keep hustling, though. Wrap parties and premieres rock!!!! Forgive the exclamation points, but I'm happy. Peace.


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At 2:22 PM, Blogger Bruno Amato said...

Keep living the dream!...Bruno


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