Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mississippi Filming

Yesterday, I took a break from the Indie Memphis Film Festival to assist Rod in shooting April Hale's short, The Survivor. We filmed at the Olive Branch airport. We passed by it once and wound up in Tupelo. Dear Mississippi people, here's a tip: It would help if you had street signs at major intersections. No rush, it's just how EVERY OTHER CITY (except Memphis) does things. Think about it. They mainly had these small planes called Cessna planes. We were hoping for something larger. We shot scenes of April and her family (playing other passengers) coming out of a terminal. Also, we shot scenes of April and her family in this hangar. It was cool. I would have never gone there on my own. Moments like this remind me of why I do this. It was great. We also shot at the U of M Communications building, or, as I like to call it, our second home. Lavita (Vita Loca) came through, as did Learyn to do makeup and play a small role. Jason, her husband, also assisted with makeup. April is an attractive girl, and Jason and Learyn had her looking bloodied and bruised. It was crazy! I also met another model/actress named Mercedes. She played a nurse. I reprised my role as the non-speaking orderly(Yaay!).
We had a real nurse who delivers babies in our midst. Her name was Alexis Green. She auditioned for Spin Cycle ( and Rod brought her in for this film. She was cool. Her and April started singing that godawful song, "Hard Out Here For a Pimp", from the great movie Hustle and Flow (hi Craig!!!). I told them that I would have to go play some Common ( to forget that hideous song. Alexis told me that I should move. I told her that I will change Memphis. I then recited some of my rhymes. I think I got her to see my point. Okay, tangent time: There is more to Memphis and southern hip-hop than Hustle and Flow. There are several people in this town, like, say, the Iron Mic Coalition ( or Tunnel Clones or Kevin Youngblood (Ptah), or even Elijah Walls on the gospel hip-hop tip. We have more to say than "Whoop That Trick". Okay, end of tangent.
Alexis says that she wants to act. I will let her know when opportunities arise. Man, Pittstop Productions has come a long way from just being Rod and myself. Thank God. We have a tight squad. Beware my crew! Pittstop Productions is a family and we are the future of filmmaking. We will make our mark on Memphis and the world. Filmmakers, I will give you advance warning, Pittstop will definitely have something in Indie Memphis next year. They might as well reserve the spot. It's on, baby!!! I am reenergized yet again. I love the arts. Be easy, readers, and live your dreams. Peace.

Shameless Plug Time!

Arnita William's film:

"Slow Down ... You're Dating Too Fast!""Slow Down ... You're Dating Too Fast!" by writer-producer- director-dp-editor-cook M. David Lee III is premiering at the IndieMemphis festival Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m.The digital film uses a modified version of the Dogme95 Principles and a portion of the screenplay is based on improv with actors who developed their own characters.The story is based on an article David readin 2001 about the Speed Dating phenomenon. It's his second feature shot in the Mid-South and the third one he's had in the IndieMemphis festival.There are 32 speaking roles, all Memphis and Mississippi actors and crew. It was filmed in six days over a one-month period entirely in Memphis, Midtown, Cordova and Hernando Miss.More info is at David's web site.

Markus "The Mother Lovin' Man" Seaberry's Feature Length Debut:

Wait for it......

Wait for it......

Here it is!

Dollars & Signs In the great American city of Memphis, TN, three "businessmen" are struggling to succeed. Carlton has an image to maintain and a family to feed. Mike and Dave have regular folks paying them to stand up against corporate greed. Along the way the three will meet, heads will bump and lives will change. 2005. Director: Brandon Hutchinson. HT Narrative Feature, 78:00.This film will be shown on Thursday, October 27, at 6:30 pm at the Muvico Peabody Place. The admission is $6.00. Please support. My mama gon' be there, and you should, too!

Dollars and Signs Premiere Countdown: 1 Day (Yeah!) and Counting (WooHoo!)


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