Monday, October 17, 2005

The Infamous Weekend Recap

On Friday, I had my first commercial audition. I have got to remember to ask Forrest questions like the name of the company and if it's speaking or nonspeaking. I saw a lot of Actors First people there, like Jon Sparks ( They took my picture, told me to turn around, and asked me what my favorite barbecue was. I said Hunt's. If i had known the company, I could have...embellished. Oh, well, I can't get everything. I try to get everything, Lord knows I do. On Friday, Rod Pitts and I worked on this short with April Hale, another phenomenal actress and Pittstop Productions all-star. Her mother wrote this very powerful piece. It will move you. Hopefully, we will submit that piece and What Goes Around to the Nashville Film Festival. Maybe. Don't quote me on that. I played an orderly. I had to got to thrift stores and find scrubs. Jason Dancy was in our short and Learyn was our makeup person. It was cool.

Saturday and Sunday, I was back on Divine Manipulation of the Threads. I was thugging out again. Jovan and I were thugs again, and there was an...interesting scene with Muck Sticky and an actress from Nashville. I also got to give an interview afterwards. We were shooting at a warehouse on Crump, so I mentioned that this summer has been my hood world tour (Westwood, Tchulahoma, Crump). I also talked about the spooku nature of the warehouse and how I am finally not playing the goofy guy. Yes!!!! Diversity extends careers, people. Christine Connoly and Bevan Bell and the rest of the crew were cool. Jovan (Just the Two of Us) was thugging out as well. On Sunday, we were joined by a guy named Howard, a guy named T, and a guy named Jesse. Jesse is an actor and a singer. He's big on creativity. I could relate. I gave him my info and invited him to Keenon's audition today. I hope he shows up. We need some more hungry, young actors in the Pittstop Productions/Nikia Entertainment family. The auditions should be cool. Hopefully, we can find some fresh new talent to, I mean, use in our films. Heh heh. Be easy, readers.


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