Friday, October 14, 2005

Chillin' with Keenon and Rod

We didn' film, but we chilled. We got into a discussion about Hustle and Flow, the impact of that film on this city and the perception of Memphis by outsiders. Once again, Keenon and Rod schooled me about the other side of love. The DARK side. It was cool, though. Today, I have my first commercial audition for a barbecue company. It's time to get paid! I pray that I will be successful. Then, Rod and I will film a short piece with April Hale, another one of our Pittstop Players. She's cool, and she's hungry. That's all we ask, people. Just be eager and willing. Tomorrow, I'm a thug again for Bevan's film, Divine Manipulation of the Threads. Gotta get my black tee and blue tee ensembles together, We thuggin, maine! Gotta get my Memphis accent tight.

In other news, buy the Alicia Keys unplugged CD. I bought the CD and DVD combo. It's hot!!! I'm listening to it now!!!!

Last bit of news:
I will now start the countdown to the Dollars and Signs screening on Oct.24 at 6:30 at the Muvico theatre downtown at the Peabody Place:
We are now at 10 days and counting. It only costs $6.00. If you know me, if you kinda know me, if you're cool with me, if you want to be cool with me, come on out. In the words of Rick James, "Enjoy yourselves! It's a celebration, b**%hes!"
Ya'll be real easy. Peace!


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