Monday, October 31, 2005

(Once Again) The Weekend Wrapup

On Friday, Rod and I went to a networking session at Crystal Johnson's house. Crystal Johnson is a good friend of Rod's who is in his short, Rock and A Hard Place, and she is also in What Goes Around. She also has a listing on I want to be on there so bad! I met some artists and a guy who designs custom T-shirts (gotta get with him so I can be uniquely fly at some of my premieres), and got some sound financial advice. I wish I had been more sociable. I was still down about my premiere, and a little sick. Actually, true confesssion time: I got real down and depressed about some pople's thoughts about the movie and the way I came in all rowdy, and I was seriously considering leaving the acting game. Rod told me to learn from this, don't get the big head anymore and just to keep at it. Also, he told me to start writing my stuff.

Saturday, I went to Arnold Edward's Halloween Pary/surprise party for his girlfriend, Dana Hinkle. Arnold dressed as Marv from Sin City. Dana was Rainbow Brite. Tiffany Pemberton was a very sexy Alice in Wonderland. I came as my damn self. Will Bennett (Harvest Moon, Just the Two of Us) was there, as was David Lee, director of Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast!. Oh, yeah, he does sports for Fox 13 as well. Aaron Jones (Grim Sweeper, PA Pretender) was there, as was Ashley Davis (PA Pretender, Delusions), MY AGENT Forrest Pruett (Delusions, Slow Down, too many damn indie films to mention). We played Arnold's goofy Halloween games. I was like, "Damn, shouldn't Arnold be focusing on..I don't know...the next script. This guy shouldn't have this much free time". Krista Finley (PA Pretender, intern on Black Snake Moan) was also there. It was cool. We chilled. Next, I went to the Memphis premiere of Shutter. It is a very good horror film. It starred several Indie Memphis regulars: Sarah Ewell (Delusions, Slow Down), Jeannette Comans (Other Way Round), John Still (Poor and the Hungry, Hustle and Flow), and Michael McClendon (Slow Down, Just the Two of Us). The film was dark and twisted, but looks good. I was proud of my colleagues. They kicked butt. I also spoke to Jeremy Benson and gave him my card. I stay hustling, baby.

Sunday was crazy. We filmed with the oldest girl playing Keenon's daughter, Ashley. Selina was cooperative, and we really made progress. We filmed at Keenon's house. I had to make a run to Church's Chicken to buy two two-pieces that were used as props. Later, we took over a checkout line at the Save-A-Lot on Park and Getwell. We actually had permission. Rod brought us yet another talented up-and-coming actor, Mikaila. She played a cashier. We got two cashiers and their manager to be in the movie as well. I had forgotten the pole for the boom mic, so we had to use a broom stick. Indie filmmaking at its finest, baby!!! We needed a young child to portray Ashley as a baby, so we took a boy and put him in a dress. I pray that we don't scar the boy for life. Next, we went to a convenience store which I will not name and we shot guerilla style. Permits? We don't need no stinking permits! In and out in under an hour. And, I bought a t-shirt. It was all good. After that, I picked up Bryan and rolled over to my friend Shomari's house and watched scary movies. I stayed for Aliens vs. Predator and Saw. After that, I had to bounce. I was fatigued. Today, though, we should be back on Keenon's film. All that politicking and rubbing shoulders was cool, but I am back in the mix. I love cinema. I have to be surrounded by it. It's my life. Be easy, readers.


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