Friday, October 28, 2005

Dollars and Signs: The Day After

My big feature film premiere was last night. I arrived late, but they didn't start on time. Well, the movie received...mixed reviews. I thought one of my big scenes that went over well in a screenig back in July would go over well this time. It didn't. Of course, the earlier screening was for people involved in the movie. Maybe we were biased. A lot of my friends and family did not understand the movie. My brother couldn't make it. One of my coworkers was turned away. I also didn't get to celebrate afterwards like I wanted to. It's all good, though. I was also disappointed by the fact that many of my peers whom I have supported could not be there for me. That hurts a little bit, but peole have their own lives, I guess. I am sad, but I guess that it needed to happen. I was getting arrogant and cocky. I was starting to believe my own hype. I was really getting the big head. I came in the theater talking junk. I claimed to do this for the love, but I was also doing it for the accolades and the fame. I can't count on that. I see that now. I have to do this for me. That's the only way that it will stay pure. First of all, shout outs to the people that came: Rod Pitts, Bryan Newcomb (Delusions, Just the Two of Us), Keenon Nikita (director, Just the Two of Us), Lavita Brooks and April Hale (Just the Two of Us, The Survivor). Madeleine Rogers ("Crowns") and Denna Greer (What Goes Around) were also there. My friends Paul West, Nick Jones, Terra Hollis, Wanda, Terrica Ezell, and Damarico Fowler were there. Extra special shout out to my family members: My mother, Lillian McGhee, my aunt Mary, my cousin Kaci, my cousin Nakia and her son Little Randy. I guess the people that needed to be there were there. I'll bounce back. I'll be better. At least people thought I did good. It was definitely a learning experience.


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