Monday, February 13, 2006

I Swore I Would Cut Back: The Infamous Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday: It snowed. I stayed in the house.

Saturday: I went to the auditions for Curbside Confessions at 9 AM. Anold Edwards, the director, was in the house, as was his girlfriend, Dayna Hinkle. I saw a lot of my Indie Memphis "Posse": Forrest Pruett (Delusions, Glorious Mail), Tiffany Pemberton (PA Pretender, Delusions), Aaron Jones (What Goes Around, Just the Two of Us), my good buddy Frank Johnson, a newcomer to the scene named Dee, Jeanette Comans (Shutter, Walk the Line), Jon Sparks (Delusions, Across the River), Jason Perry, Miguel Gomez, and I even saw young director Tommy "The Future" Kha. I read for two characters. I did pretty good. It was cool reading opposite Tiffany because we're friends. After that, I went to the Gridiron Association's rehearsal for Waltzing in Memphis. I was given the role of Robert Lipscomb in addition to my role of Ricky Peete. After that, I picked up my road dawg Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us) and we cruised the mall, huung out, and saw Sanaa Lathan's new film Something New.

Sunday: I was at Rod Pitts' house by 10 AM. We made it to the Theater Building at the U of M by 10:30 AM. The male lead from Spin Cycle came in later. Derrick Engleberg (Hell's Kitchen) is a relative newcomer, but he's hungry and eager to learn. He was full of energy, and made the shoot enjoyable. Nazeeh Majeed (What Goes Around, Just the Two of Us) helped out behind the scenes, as did Jason Dancy (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us) and Learyn (Just the Two of Us, The Tank). Learyn is a great makeup person. Just ask Derrick. Of course, we gave him a hard time about it. Rod shot Derrick's closeups on his scene with Val, played by Arnita Williams (What Goes Around, Other Side of the Pillow). Arnita was running a little late, so I had to read him Val's lines. It felt funny, but, hey, we do what we have to. I then dashed off to another rehearsal for Waltzing in Memphis. It was fun, but I have now been assigned the role of Mayor Willie Herenton in addition to Ricky Peete and Robert Lipscomb. Man, theater is no joke! After rehearsal, I dashed back to the U of M. Rod moved the Spin Cycle production to the Tiger Den on the U of M campus. Arnita had wrapped her scene and was serving as line producer. Derrick was cracking everybody up in between takes. Alexis Green (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us) was also in this scene. It was good to see Alexis. We've both been playing hooky from Red West's acting class (My money's tight!), so I hadn't seen her in a minute. She's a registered nurse and aspiring actress. She's good. After we wrapped Spin Cycle, we shot a scene for Just the Two of Us with Alexis. We're multitaskers, baby! Then I rolled to my friend Shomari's house for some wrestling pay-per-view action. Shout out to Denna Greer (What Goes Around) and Wanda For giving me Valentines' candy. Extra shout out to Denna for bringing chocolate-covered strawberries. At least somebody cares about me. I've never had a girlfriend on Valentine's day, and this year isn't looking good, either. I don't care, though...much.

Tonight, I have to read opposite an actress for Laura Hocking and Chris McCoy's feature Eat. They like me, but aren't quite sure where to cast me. Hey, at least I'm wanted. Be easy, readers.


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