Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lovely By Surprise: Playing the Background Yet Again

I was an extra in Lovely By Surprise yesterday. Shout to my agent Forrest Pruett at Actors First ( I ran into a few familiar friends on the shoot: Tim Sherrod (Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast, Cowboy's Silver Lining), Musician/actor Muck Sticky (Delusions, Divine Manipulation of the Threads), Jeanette Comans (Shutter, Glorious Mail), Arnita Williams (What Goes Around ,The Tank), and Terry Dee Draper (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation). Muck was a stand-in for the lead guy. He had already cut his hair on a whim, and he was wearing "normal" clothes. Those who know Muck know that he dresses rather uniquely, so this was a very different look. I attempted to play Gin Rummy. I tripped out with Draper talking about Star Trek and how Captain Kirk was an intergalactic "ho", and other random conversations. I didn't have makeup, but I was "blotted" to reduce the shining on my face. I told the makeup lady that I wasn't used to makeup, I'm on the bottom level of indie films. We're lucky to get a glass of the way, shout out to Rusted Sun Films ( for the Propel Fitness water that they normally give out. It's tasty! Basically, we were all patrons in a diner. I was reading the Memphis Flyer and occasionally dozing off (I hope it wasn't caught on camera) and looking at the lead actors when their conversation got noisy. I got sent home first around 2:00 PM. It was a cool experience, and I got paid. Shout out to the director, the first AD, and the 2nd AD, Indie Memphis' own Robert Saba (director, Delusions) for keeping the production rolling. I hope Lovely By Surprise does exceptionally well and advances the careers of everyone involved in it. Be easy, readers.

PS My man Scott Lynn has some new beats and songs up on his myspace page: Check them out at


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