Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Night of Improv and Karaoke

Last night, I attended another improv class taught by Forrest Pruett (Forty Shades of Blue, Delusions), Travis Stone (Ray, Delusions), Jon W. Sparks (Delusions, Across the River), and Arnold Edwards II (director, PA Pretender). Also in attendance were Carole Rowland (Oz's Lion, Mail Call), Sarah Ewell (Delusions, Shutter), my good friend Alisa(Other Way Around), Kim Smith (Across the River, stand-in, Black Snake Moan), Elena Larue, Joseph Smith (Delusions, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast), Lina Fritsche (Delusions, Slow Down), and others. Terry Dee Draper (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation of the Threads) was our security. Thanks for keeping my Kia safe, Draper! We did the storytelling exercise and I thought that I did pretty good. My improv was tough. I was a Process Server, Lina was deaf, and Elena was mute. It was tough. They stopped it. Next, Lina and I were parents and Elena was our child's teacher. It was okay. Improv is not my strong suit. Kim and I started off the "Freeze" portion, where two people are given a scenario, and they act it out until someone yells "Freeze", taps one person on the shoulder, and takes their place, beginning an entirely different scenario. This guy named Dee and Lisa Sanchez (Slow Down, Dollars and Signs) closed us out with a very powerful scene where Dee was an ex-con in love with Lisa's character who was the daughter of a Congressman. They had a secret love. Lisa had real tears. That was some darn good acting.

Later, Lina, Joe, Forrest, and I joined up with Candace and some more of my friends for karaoke singing at Willie Moffat's. It was fun. I performed "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins. I was in an 80s usual. Joe did some Elvis. NOBODY does Elvis like Joe, please believe me. Forrest did Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name". Bon Jovi rocks!!! Lina did "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones. Joe and I performed "Nuttin' But a G Thang", as usual. But we still rocked it!! After that, it was almost one, and I bounced. I'm sluggish again, but, hey, I had fun. I let down my to speak. My hair's a bit low to actually let it down, but, hey, you know what I mean.

Tonight, I plan to support Latoya Baker (Just the Two of Us) and Closed Kaption, who will be performing at The Complex on 704 Madison. My good buddy Jason "Da Hater" Harris ( will also be performing. For more info call (901) 692-9211.


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