Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Who's Hating?

Okay, my film career's been slow for a few days, so it's time for another righteous rant.

I tend to have eclectic, sometimes elitist tastes in music and actors. When I voice my displeasure with someone who everyone thinks is great, whether they're an overrated rapper (50 Cent), or an actor who was clearly coasting by on his looks until lately (*Cough*, Shemar Moore, *Cough*), I am deemed a "hater". Boy, it astonishes me how people who love that mainstream bullcrap love to toss that word around. Why am I a hater? Because I actually make up my own mind as opposed to being forcefed propaganda from the evil media machines, like ClearCrap, I mean ClearChannel? Because I actually like to support recording artists and actors with substance, as opposed to some no-talent, idiotic, flash-in-the-pan, flavor of the month? Because I actually dare to spit in the face of what is deemed "cool"? Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe I could be right? That the millions of mindless drones who fall at the feet of these modern-day idols could be wrong? That maybe I choose who I choose to like because, well, I'm just smarter than you? Yeah, that's right, I said it. My blog, my rules, my way like Frank Sinatra, baby. Spread that news! You know what I hate? I hate ignorance and stupidity. I hate anything that encourages greed and corruption and poisons the minds of the youth. I also hate to see people getting acclaim because they look good. Heck, I can go to the gym, get a face lift, and go out to Hollywood and become the next "it" person. But guess what? Call me crazy, but I'd rather make it because I'm good. Sure, I plan to work out more and maybe get some dental work done. But, I refuse to coast by on my appearance or constantly produce material with little or no substance. Again, I may be a lunatic, but I think that every once in a while, your work should be, I don't know, meaningful. If striving for substance over style, championing the underdog, and daring to go rage against the machine, the norm, the status quo, if going against the grain and daring to speak from the heart makes me a hater, then a hater I shall be. I admit that I'm pretentious, high strung, and hard to please. I have highter standards that a lot of people. Lately, I'm not so sure that that's a bad thing. Be easy, readers. Hate uniformity!


At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Acydic said...

Spoken like a true Public Enemy...Fight the Power!

Yours on the Front Lines,


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