Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Shoot Must Go On

I must confess, when my good friend Rod Pitts called me about assisting in a shoot for Keenon's film, I was tired. But, I pressed on because I REALLY want this film done. So, I made it to the library where I bumped into my old friend Lucresha Yancy (What Goes Around). She's gotten married, so we don't see each other as much. I found out that she's back at the Uof M(Tigers, what?!). I told her that we finally finished What Goes Around, and she gave me her info so we can invite her to the Memphis screening. It's being submitted to festivals now. Man, I miss her. I told her so. I wish that things could stay the same sometimes, but that's a foolish hope. Life is change. Adapt or perish. Okay, enough philosophizing, back to the movie hijinks.
We made it to Keenon's after a few stops. We were making good time, everybody was joking on me (as usual), and things were going smooth. Keenon accidentally dropped a wine bottle on his foot. Rod found it humorous, and eventually, Keenon lauged, too. I was really concerned. Keenon was a soldier, though. He stuck it out, and we finished most of the scenes we had planned for that day. I appreciate his dedication. I think we are taking a break today because it's Keenon's birthday. He's 29...at least that's what he says. I don't discuss age either, so it's cool. Things are moving along. I think Rod said that we have ten scenes left on Just the Two of Us. All those actors out there who are in the film, bear with us a little while longer. Soon, we will all be able to enjoy the fruits of our artistic labors. Speaking of laboring, I am working from 9AM-10PM today. Somebody send up a prayer for me, put me on the altar, and break out the blessed oil because I'm tired. I need the bread, though. Life isn't always what you want to do, it's what you have to do. Be easy, readers.


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