Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Markus Month is Extended!

I hate to sound like it's all about me , but my two years of hustling in the independent film game is finally starting to bear fruit. First of all, Divine Manipulation of the Threads ( has had it's run at Malco's Studio on the Square extended until April 6. The movie is a heist film, it runs 93 minutes, and the showtimes are at:
1;20, 4:30, 7:35, 9:40

Also, Just the Two of Us has another screening at 7 PM at Malco's Studio on the Square on Monday, April 3. It was written and directed by Keenon Nikita (The Parkers, Poor and the Hungry) and the director of photography is Rod Pitts, director of Imagine, which won the Lil' Film Fest and is guaranteed entry into the Indie Memphis Film Festival. The film was made in Memphis using motly local actors and NO BUDGET. The film centers on the relationship between Nic Peeples (played by Keenon Nikita) and his daughter Ashley. It is a heartwarming, touching tale that the whole family will enjoy. For compete cast and crew listing, go to this link:

Just the Two of Us: When Love is everywhere but where you look
A Dog Day Entertainment Production in association with Pittstop Production
Pittstop Production, the future of filmmaking:

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