Friday, April 07, 2006

4/6/06:The Birth of the Film Geek

Finally, the first film I ever made came out! What Goes Around had its premiere at Malco's Studio on the Square. It was cool. Shout out to cast members Patrick Henry, who played Talal, the male lead, and the others in attendance. Of course, my good friend Denna Greer, who played a Tammy, was there, as was Lucresha Yancey, who played Melissa. Lavita Brooks (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation of the Threads) was great as a high school teacher, as was April Hale (Imagine, Survivor) as a high school flirt. Domino Maxamilian played TR, Talal's humorous, brutally honest best friend. Patrick's wife, Angela Henry, played one of Talal's flings. Extra special shout out to Patrick's wife because she is NINE months pregnant with what I pray will be a healthy baby girl. Of course, my film mentor/coach/guy who shot the freaking thing Rod Pitts was there, as was Keenon Nikita (Poor and Hungry, director/writer/star:Just the Two of Us). My girl Wanda and her roommate Valencia, and my boy Terrence and his girlfriend. Shout out to actor/writer/director DeAara Lewis of Drama Queen Entertainment. She completed one indie entitled The Forgotten Ones and Rod will be her Director of Photogrtaphy on Tricks, her next project. Shout out to Vincent Moore (Just the Two of Us, writer/actor/director: A Cop, a Snitch, and a Stripper named Shane) who was also in attendance, as was Crystal Johnson and Okwede Okoh, who played Sabrina. The writer, Nazeeh Majeed, had a cameo, as did Kim Skipper (Imagine, Just the Two of Us). It was just cool to be among the people and signing autographs and taking pictures afterward. It was a three year journey that had a lot of people drop out and had a lot of setbacks, in particular Rod's editing machine crashing right after he had finished editing it the first time. Rod had to start all over. That was tough. I felt bad for my buddy during that moment. We persevered, though. People really seemed to like my character of the Film Geek. It's funny how my first film has been my best role. Of all the directors I've worked with, Rod has known me the longest, and that shows in the dialogue that he gave me. Also, if you look close, I am an extra several times in the film.
I really wish my mom could've been there, but Rod says that he will show it again. Shout out to native Memphian Ennis Newman aka Fathom 9. Ennis is a hip-hop artist/poet/producer who conributed several tracks that made up the score, as well as producing the song over used over the closing credits, Scott Lynn's "No never" Scott Lynn is a rapper/college student that used to go to the U of M. You can check out more of his songs and beats at Shout out to Iron Mic Coaliton (, whose song "B Boy Stance" was used in the movie. Music shouts also to Lynn Cardona, Chil Wil, Latoya Baker-Smith and Closed Kaption (, and anybody else I may have left out. Also, shout outs to cast members who couldn't be there. Arnita Williams ( did a fantastic job as the stripper (who never strips in the movie) Marquita. She's in California pursuing her acting dream. Lisa Miller, who plays Angela, is attending graduate school in England. Chris Brown, who plays Marie, is also in Hollywood, last I heard. I feel that I can speak for Rod when I say that we thank everyone who attended, everyone who acted in it, and everyone who contributed. Be on the lookout for Spin Cycle, the next Pittstop Production that's currently in production now. Pittstop Productions and Dog Day Entertainment are taking no prisoners...and wer'e not taking any naps, either! I've had four features, two shorts, and a two-day run of a play from March 14-April 6. I'm a little tired of seeing me! Time to get back on Spin Cycle tomorrow (hopefully), and film on Eat Tuesday. I'm good on premieres of movies I'm in until about July! Be easy, readers


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