Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Tricks" Audition

Tricks is an urban tale of five prostitutes, their enterprising madam and the personal struggles of each to not only survive, but thrive in a business that is deemed immoral and taboo.

Character Breakdown:

1. Natalie – late twenties, early thirties. An attractive, but vindictive woman. She knows how to pull a man. Other “girls” are intimidated by her and she uses this to her advantage.

2. Rita – late twenties, early thirties. An attractive and shapley woman, but is somewhat rundown. She’s naïve when it comes to men and as a result, constantly falls in and out love with her clients.

3. Devin (Michelle’s boyfriend) – tall man in his late twenties, early thirties; very attractive; charming. He is educated and very forward, but also has a soft side.

4. Mr. Davis – an older man in his late forties, early fifties. No particular height or look. Comical character who loves women

5. Tito – a young man in his mid twenties, with an offbeat look. He is helplessly in love with Jean.

6. Tyson – a young and upcoming singer. Very attractive, mid twenties.

7. Tommy – timid man in his mid thirties; is struggling with wanting to have an affair.

8. Allen (Rita's boyfriend) – an attractive man, late twenties, early thirties. He is a borderline asshole.

9. Paul – an attractive, gay man.

10. Darnell (Devin’s friend) – a “fraternity” type. Cute, loves to party and loves women, can be a real asshole if permitted.

11. Keith – (Devin’s friend) – a “nerd,” but still has some “coolness” to him. No particular look (open).

12. James (Donna’s ex-husband) – attractive man. He was hurt deeply and has worked hard to move on even though there are questions he still longs the answers to.

13. Freddie (Tina estranged husband) – an attractive man in his late twenties, early thirties; very abusive, controlling and angry.

14. Sebastian Crump – Older man, stocky, average height. Chief of Police; a real asshole; has hated Donna for years and is out to seek revenge on Donna.

Tricks Auditions

4/29 - Saturday
4/30 - Sunday

2:00 - 4:00
Southwest Community College
Manassas between Linden & Union Avenue


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