Friday, March 31, 2006

The Play, The Afterparty, the Room(Not What You Think)

Yesterday, we had a dress rehearsal for Waltzin' In Memphis. It was a little rough, but we pulled it off. We had to simplify some of the dance moves, but it looked better, in my opinion. The director said that he thought I was great and that he gave me little direction because I did not need a lot. That felt good. This play stuff is kinda different. I haven't done a play since my days as a Kaleidoscope Player at Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School. Ware house, fool! Wildcats in this "junt" (joint)! Okay, back to articulation. After my rehearsal, I went to a party in celebration of Divine Manipulation of the Threads at Dish in the Cooper-Young area. Of course, actor/writer Bevan Bell (Delusions, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast) was there, as was the rest of the Rusted Sun Films Crew: Brad Alsobrook, Anthony and Anita Howald, and Christine Connolly. Also, cast and crew members Dayna Hinkle, Arnold Edwards (director: Curbside Confessions), Chris Ross (Delusions), Forrest Pruett (Delusions, Forty Shades of Blue), Joseph Smith (The Visitor, Arrogant Dead People), Jon Sparks(Arrogant Dead People, Just the two of Us) ,Lavita Brooks (The Tank, What Goes Around), and Trent Dee (21 Grams, Just the Two of Us). My good friends Eric and Candace were there, as was Hardy McNeese (crew, Curbside Confessions) and my good friend Rodney Lomax happened to be there for another event. I chilled out, joked with my people, and celebrated a damn good movie. I make this expression that had everybody laughing in the film. Chris told me that his parents enjoyed the thugs. Hey, I aim to please!

Now, I have to focus on this play tonight. I'm a little nervous, but I'm ready. It's showtime, baby!! Be easy, readers.


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